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Everything You Need to Know About Dildos

Ultimate Guide to Dildos

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Over the years, there have been various representations of dildos from different countries. However, it’s in ancient Greece where there are signs, rather than relics. There are vases and urns with pictures of women holding dildos, and also sex acts being performed with a dildo playing a central role.

When you move forward to the somewhat modern era, you end up in the 50s. At this point, a famous playwright wrote a poem about a dildo. From this point on, the word “dildo” began circulation more freely and even ended up in one of Shakespeare’s writings.

When you reach the 1800’s, this was the time that women were being diagnosed with ‘hysteria,’ and as a solution to this, they were paying visits to their doctors to receive vaginal stimulation. With an orgasm, these women were overcoming their frustrations and appearing normal again for a while. As to who invented the dildo, this is impossible to tell, but once sex shops were made legal in the 60s, there was an influx of dildos arriving on the market. These phallic symbols have been around since the beginning of mankind, but they are much different than they were all those many years ago.

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What Are Dildos?

For simple penetration, a dildo fits the bill. These are tapered and streamlined and come with a shaft of varying lengths to simulate the male penis.

These might look the same as a vibrator, but they lack the motorized components and are purely used in a manual fashion. Although some stimulation might be lacking in terms of vibration, there is no worry of batteries going flat, or the motor breaking down.

Dildos have been found in archeological sites, so the invention is nothing new. Early versions were made from bone or wood, but luckily the choice of materials has made some advancement in recent times.

The thing with newer versions of dildos is that they focus on form as much as they do on function. This means that the models are designed to replicate the male penis as much as possible, and still focus on size or material type that feels most pleasurable, sexually speaking.

Other models are made to look more like a work of art rather than as a phallic replica. Actually, dildos can be used for all manner of purposes where penetration is required, and they are as popular for anal as they are for vaginal stimulation.

The one thing a dildo has as an advantage over a vibrator with is its discretion. Because there is no humming motor, they can be used when there are housemates or guests nearby, without drawing any attention to their usage.

Dildos are also an ideal first sex toy to use with partners without being over the top and springing too much of a surprise on them. They are easy to handle and use, and are super sexy for intimate play.

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Different Dildo Types

There is a broad range any user can choose from when they look at dildos. Here is a breakdown of the types you can see while you’re browsing…

Anal dildos – These are designed specifically for anal penetration. While in many cases they are smaller than a vaginal dildo, they do come with a flared base to prevent them from vanishing inside the anus. Anal dildos can be used by either gender and are intended to stimulate with thrusting actions to stimulate the nerve endings around the anus.

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Black dildos – This dildo type was created for the user who likes the meaty side when it comes to penetration. They are often modeled on the penis of black men and are much larger in size than a regular dildo. Black dildos are intended to deliver the stretching sensation that some users find a real thrill.

Double dildos – No matter which design you choose for a double dildo, they are designed with one purpose in mind, and that’s for the simulation of double penetration. They are similar to regular dildos, but they come with two heads, rather than one. These can be at the end of two shafts, or the more common variety is a double-ended dildo. These can also be used by both genders depending upon the design.

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Glass dildos – A glass dildo delivers a very unique feel when compared to softer materials. These are hard and can either be smooth or contain undulating ripples to provide unique sensations as they are thrust in and out. Glass can also be used for temperature play.

Ejaculating dildos – For added realism, there are dildos which now come with the ability to ejaculate. They are modeled on a regular dildo, but they have a trigger mechanism. So, at the point of climax, they can pleasure the user by squirting a load of warm lube into the orifice being penetrated.

Big dildos – Big and large dildos are the very extreme kinds. These are much larger than any other dildo, and sizes often begin where the others end. These deliver a few extra inches in length and also plenty of extra girth to stretch users to the very limit.

Inflatable dildos – While they might appear to be regular dildos at first glance, they are very different once inserted. They come with a small pump, so once the dildo has been inserted, the user can inflate the dildo to the desired size. These are used mainly for anal sex where users like to feel that full, inner feeling they can receive.

Realistic dildos – These are crafted in such a way so as to resemble the male penis as much as possible. They are still hard, yet soft to the touch, and might even come with bulging veins. These can really please users as there are some models which are modeled on male porn stars.

Silicone dildos – While these silicone dildos lack the realism of their counterparts, they can come with plenty of ripples and veiny Silicone dildos are much firmer and more durable, and can be cared for easily. These are often designed with a purpose in mind (such as G-spot stimulation).

Glas Small Glass Dildo

Small dildos – Small dildos are designed to be portable and discrete. They allow for some pleasurable stimulation in areas where they could otherwise catch some attention.

Strapless dildos – Strapless dildos are, in fact, double ended. However, the second portion sits inside the vagina and allows the wearer to perform penetration on her partner, be it male or female.

Suction cup dildos – These can come in a variety of sizes and have the addition of a suction cup on the base. This makes it possible to use them in many more areas and positions while still being hands free.

Vibrating dildos – While retaining their lifelike feel and appearance, a vibrating dildo adds vibrations for added stimulation. They come with realistic glans, veins and (in many cases) testicles.

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Material Options

  • Glass – Glass has many of the same characteristics of steel in dildo construction. It is non-porous, body safe and durable. Borosilicate glass is more durable than the soda lime glass used in some countries. While it delivers a unique experience, it isn’t often used in vibrating dildos (for safety reasons). Glass can also be heated or cooled for temperature play.
  • TPE – TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), polyvinyl chloride and a mix of silicone is better known as cyber skin. This gives a very realistic feel to a dildo. This is phthalate free, but it is porous so it can absorb moisture. This mixture can’t be sterilized, but it does deliver the most realistic experience according to many users.
  • Silicone – Medical grade silicone is most often used, and in some cases, it may be called platinum silicone. This is a non-porous material that can withstand high temperatures as well as cold. Silicone can be easily sterilized by boiling it in water.
  • Jelly – Jelly/PVC are some of the cheaper materials used in dildo construction. They come with an odor and a taste. They can also contain toxic substances that keep them supple, such as phthalates. They are also porous and can breed bacteria easily. This dildo material often lacks rigidity. Buying from a body safe seller is key with these options.
  • Steel – While there aren’t as many steel dildos on the market, there are a few. Medical grade stainless steel is used and is one of the most body safe materials that can be used. Steel also delivers very unique sensations. These can be sterilized in boiling water, and also used for temperature play too.

How to Choose the Right Dildo for You

There are a vast number of dildo types and designs, so choosing one can be a minefield. Here are a few things you should spend some time considering when looking for a dildo…

Shape – While dildos are all phallic shaped, they do come in many more designs. They can have that realism look, or they can be multi-colored. When it comes to shape, you should choose one that appears arousing or at least unintimidating. There are also the straight ones or curved ones which are designed to hit the right spots.

Colours Wave 6 Inch Silicone Suction Cup Dildo

Girth and length – When you’ve decided on the shape, you then need to consider the size. While there are different sizes for vaginal or anal use, it is still crucial to choose the correct size. Smaller dildos are better for beginners, but you might have more experience and so you’re looking for something more. To a degree, length is less important than girth.

The flexibility of material – All of the materials used; the flexibility and the finish play a big part in dildo choice. You have more rigid materials such as steel or glass that are fantastic for G-spot or prostate gland stimulation. They also require less lube and are easier to insert, generally speaking. If you are looking for realism, then you’ll be looking at the softer materials, but these won’t deliver the same intensity of touch, nor can they be used in temperature play.

Bases and suction cups – While this doesn’t affect the shape of the dildo, it can change how you use them. There are suction cup varieties for hands free play, or there are the strapless and strap-on dildos that either sit inside the vagina, or they sit inside a harness for more hands free penetration. Additionally, there are double ended dildos that can be used by two partners at the same time.

While it isn’t a significant factor in dildo choice, you do need to consider your budget. With a massive range of designs and materials, there is a broad range of prices to match.

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Additional Things to Consider

There are a few things you need to consider when purchasing a dildo; one of the first being the supplier. There are plenty of suppliers that churn out lots of dildos that are not very well made. The softer variety can have central cores to deliver some rigidity. If these are not well made, you can find the outer coating splitting to show the insides.

Materials will be a significant consideration because this can affect the design of the dildo, and also change how they deliver sensations.

One crucial thing to consider is: what you will be using the dildo for, because there are lots of variations on the same thing, but they are very different when it comes to functionality. Anal dildos being one such choice, and these aren’t suitable for vaginal penetration.

Here’s a quick rundown of how your choice can be affected:

Users with a vagina:

  • G-spot stimulation: steel or glass dildos
  • Lifelike feel and appearance: realistic dildos made from soft materials
  • Anal use: silicone dildos and anal dildos
  • Big dildo feel: inflatable dildos or huge dildos

Users with a penis:

  • Prostate stimulation: prostate massagers – steel, glass or silicone
  • Lifelike feel and appearance: realistic dildos made from soft materials
  • Anal use: anal dildos in glass, steel or silicone, or inflatable dildos

Couples can be any variation of these, but the one difference is if there is DP (deep penetration) to be had. These dildos come in varieties that allow solo DP, or there the double ended types so they can penetrate two partners at the same time.

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Additionally, there’s the cleaning aspect. All dildos can be washed in warm soapy water, but this won’t sterilize them completely. There are only some materials which can be sterilized, these being glass, steel and silicone. All the other materials could melt if you place them in to boiling water.

No anal toys should ever pass to the vagina, and vice versa. Buy the right toys for the right part of the body, and never share your toys, either.

One final thing you need to consider is: how you’ll store your dildos. Soft materials are harder to care for, and even the environment can affect their form and function. More rigid materials are easier to care for and can withstand fluctuating temperatures as well.

Finally, no dildo should be stored outside of a storage pouch or the original packaging. This will prolong the life of your dildo and help to prevent bacteria and mold growth. Dust and lint can also affect your toys too, so treat them with the utmost respect to ensure your safety and their longevity. It’s a win-win!

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