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Adam & Eve 6 Inch Thin DildoAdam & Eve 6 Inch Thin Dildo
Lux Fetish 4 Inch Inflatable Anal DildoLux Fetish 4 Inch Inflatable Anal Dildo
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Pride 1 Anal Dildo PlugPride 1 Anal Dildo Plug
Blush Temptasia Twist Kit - Set Of 3Blush Temptasia Twist Kit - Set Of 3
Blush Temptasia Twist Small - BlackBlush Temptasia Twist Small - Black

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Make Anal Play Fun with an Anal Dildo Toy

Anal play can be a ton of fun with a bit of preparation. Unfortunately, many people feel intimidated and don’t even give anal sex a try. Some solo exploration can be the right choice for anyone curious about anal sex and anal dildo toys are one of the best sex toys to use for this purpose.

An anal dildo is purposefully designed for safety and convenience. Other suitable toys for anal play include prostate massagers, butt plugs and anal beads. The anal dildo itself has several benefits that make it a great first choice for an introduction to the anal play world.

Anal Dildo Toys FAQ

What’s the Best Way to Prepare for Anal Play with a Dildo?

Making sure your bowels are empty is the first step. It’s a good idea to go to the bathroom a few hours before engaging in anal play. If you feel more comfortable, do opt for douching before inserting anything.

Use your finger to get a better feel of what the penetration feels like. It’s also important to get properly aroused before putting anything bigger up there. Sex toys like butterfly vibrators (for the ladies) and vibrating sex toys for men are great preliminary choices.

How Do I Prep My Anal Dildo for a Bit of Fun?

It’s imperative to use water-based lube since the rectum doesn’t produce a lubricant of its own.

Smearing a generous amount on your anal dildo makes penetration a ton more comfortable and pleasurable right from the start.

A general recommendation is to use an anal dildo with a condom, even if you don’t share your sex toys. The condom will make care, maintenance and cleaning a whole lot easier.

What’s the Best Speed to Use with an Anal Dildo?

We leave the answer to that question up to you. Start slow and work up a rhythm until you discover what arouses you the most.

How Do I Clean My Anal Dildo?

For optimal safety and hygiene, use your anal dildo solely for anal play. We recommend getting a separate vaginal dildo.

Read the care instructions for the dildo you own to determine what kind of care would be compatible with the material that it’s made of.

When you’re done with it, always ease the toy slowly out of your body (if it hasn’t come out on its own during your orgasm). Relax for a bit but do wash the dildo as soon as possible. When you’re done, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Wearing latex gloves while sanitizing an anal dildo could be another practical idea for optimal hygiene.

Will my anal dildo make me have an orgasm?

This has a two-part answer. Men who use an anal dildo for prostate massage can experience full-body orgasms. These are entirely different from penis-induced orgasms. That being said, when they are experienced close together, it can be overwhelming and leave the man drained of energy. In a good way, of course.

In women, it’s possible to have an orgasm while using an anal dildo. But, these are not necessarily as stimulating as a vibrator-induced one. This means it might take a little more time and stimulation to reach your peak.

Can I use an anal dildo toy during foreplay and intercourse?

Yes, both situations are possible. Nothing is stopping the use of an anal dildo toy during foreplay, and this can be for both women and for men. You can also use an anal dildo during sexual intercourse. This again can be for both men and women to experience. It’s only limited by your imagination.

What are the harnesses for?

These strap on harnesses are designed to accept strap on dildos. They can be vaginal or anal in design. Once worn, a woman can take the role of the man and partake in delivering penetrative sex. She won’t really feel any sensations herself, but for another girl partner, or her man who wants to receive, it can be the ultimate in role reversal or pleasure-giving. Men can also use them in anal play for gay or straight sexual intercourse.

Some harness models worn by men can perform double penetration on their partner, leaving their hands free to stimulate other parts of their partner’s (or their own) body. Sounds fun, right?

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