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Dual Density Dildos

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Get an Ultrarealistic Texture with a Dual Density Dildo

For some time now, dual density dildos have been all the rage in the world of phallic sex toys. There’s a reason behind such massive popularity. A dual density dildo gives you the most realistic sensation. In other words, if you want to replicate the experience of being penetrated by an actual cock, you’ll need to get a dual density dildo.

The term refers to the construction of the product. Inside a dual density dildo is a firm core. It is surrounded by a softer exterior similar to human flesh and skin. These two layers combined give you a dildo that feels as close to an erect penis as technologically possible. Usually, dual density dildos are made of cyberskin or another material meant to feel super realistic. Dual density silicone dildos also exist. Choosing one option or the other depends on the ease of maintenance you’re seeking and the degree of realism that you want to enjoy.

HotCherry’s catalog gives you a wide range of dildo choices. We have small dildos for beginners and large ones for those seeking extra stimulation. Our dual density dildos can also have a suction cup base, curved design for G-spot/P-spot stimulation, Vac-U-Lock compatibility, and even a vibrating body. They will also be available in numerous colors – some of them realistic and some of them not.

Dual density constructions give you the most functionality, authenticity, and user-friendliness. If you’ve never played with such a dildo before, you’ve missed out on a lot. Luckily, the mistake is easy to correct. You can find all kinds of dual density dildos at a reasonable price. At HotCherry, we guarantee unbeatable price-to-quality ratios.

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