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Explore Wearable Fun Wrapped in Soft Fabric with Vibrating Panties

A wearable sex toy? Yes, please! Vibrating panties have been around for some time and they’ve stuck because they’re so incredibly practical. The fabric is great for securing the vibrating bit against your clit, ensuring uninterrupted stimulation.

You can wear vibrating parties at home, you can wear them out or even to work if you’re a bit more daring. Public play adds some danger and a lot of adrenaline-fueled thrill to the experience – something that many people are seeking.

Vibrating underwear doesn’t have to be used in public if you’re not comfortable with such kinky experiments. Vibrating panties are ideal for solo fun or partnered sex. They can also be used alongside additional toys like butt plugs or dildos for a more complex erotic experience.

Vibrating Panties FAQ

How Do Vibrating Panties Work?

This product consists of a standard panty and a vibrating insert or attachment. Usually, you will also get a remote control that determines how the vibrating unit is going to be functioning (fast, slow, high intensity, low intensity, etc.).

Vibrating panties are truly discreet and if you feel somewhat shy about getting a sex toy like a rabbit vibrator, for example, the vibrating panty would be an excellent beginner’s choice.

What Are the Cleaning and Maintenance Specifics?

As already mentioned, the vibrating bit should be detachable. The panty itself can be washed in the laundry machine or by hand (check out the product label for care instructions).

Clean the vibrating bit after every single use. Follow the recommended cleaning steps and choose detergents that are compatible with the material that the vibrating bit is crafted out of.

Can I Use Vibrating Panties with a Partner?

That’s such a naughty choice for couples. When heading out to a restaurant, for example, give your partner the remote and let them determine what you’re going to be experiencing down under. The anticipation will make the pleasure even more powerful, once the panties start vibrating.

Will Others Know I Have Vibrating Panties on?

There’s no way for others to know that you have a pair of vibrating panties on.

The little motor that powers the vibrating bit tends to be silent (rest assured, this doesn’t interfere with the intensity of the vibrations). So, unless you decide to tell people that you’re wearing a sex toy at that very moment, they’ll never guess what’s going on.