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Dress up and Role Play with a Tail Plug

Tail plugs don’t just feel great when they’re inside, they also look incredible. If you’d like to put on a show for your lover (or for yourself!) choose a tail plug. You will enjoy the perfect anal stretch that is oh so exciting and you’ll also get to shake your tail in a naughty, seductive way. A tail plug can be a fun part of foreplay, it can be kept inside during sex or even worn when you’re going out. No matter what you choose, it will feel exciting and arousing.

If you’re looking for high quality tail plugs, HotCherry has you covered. We have faux fur and genuine fur items. We have all the colors of the rainbow and tail plugs meant to replicate the appearance of various animals – foxes, wolves, cats, bunnies, unicorns and other mythical creatures. The plug portions of these toys are also crafted from various materials. We have silicone , metal, PVC and glass plugs, to name a few.

A Tail Plug Brings Your Erotic Fantasy to Life

You can feel super foxy by putting on a tail butt plug. It’s an ideal accessory for a bit of anal training. The plug itself will stretch you out. The weight of the tail attached to it is only going to intensify the sensation.

Tail butt plugs are often used to make roleplay more realistic and exciting. You can have an entire sexy scenario in place or you can just tease your lover with that visual. Using additional accessories like bunny ears or a face mask will make the fantasy even more tangible. Needless to say, HotCherry does offer such accessories to get on top of a sexy new tail plug.

When shopping for such toys, however, you shouldn’t just look at the tail portion. The plug itself is even more important. Choose a butt plug that’s properly shaped and sized to match your experience level. Always go through the specs and pay attention to the dimensions. Also, pick a material that feels right. Silicone, for example, is semi flexible and silky-smooth. Glass is perfectly stiff, easy to insert and it allows for some temperature play. The same applies to metal.

Having the plug in and feeling the tail swaying at your backside will get you feeling hot. That’s why having sex with a tail plug inside is awesome. Not only will the tail itself have an arousing effect, the plug being in place is going to deliver both fullness and a bit of pleasure to stimulate your most sensitive spots.

Tail plugs are easy to combine with all sorts of other toys. From rabbit vibrators to clitoral stimulators, you can employ multiple pieces at the same time to reach the peak of your pleasure. It doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying such sensations on your own or with a partner – a beautiful tail plug in combination with other toys is never going to disappoint.