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Sex Benches

Get into a New Position with a Sex Bench

Regarding versatility or enhancing a kink, few items compare to the sex bench. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to try exciting sex but have some mobility impairment. It’s perfect for couples who want to try a new position and those playing out a power-play scenario.

Sex benches are designed for comfort and sexual enhancement. If you have difficulty getting into a position or you’re looking for ways to enhance the enjoyment of penetrative sex, a bench is just the tool you need. The slope of the bench allows for deeper penetration and better support. There could also be additional accessories like leg holders, straps to immobilize a partner, cuffs, and leg spreaders.

Our sex benches give you versatility, easy assembly, and excellent quality. Easy to fold, they can be stored away effortlessly, and almost all models deliver a degree of adjustability to personalize the experience.