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Tan Dildos

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King Cock 11 Inch Dildo

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Enjoy Realistic Sensations with a Tan Dildo

Tan dildos are popular for a reason. They come very close to the color of human skin. Hence, many companies use this tone when working on realistic items. The right design, in combination with this color, will deliver something so unbelievably lifelike that you’ll have a difficult time believing your eyes.

Because tan is such a popular color for adult sex toys, the range of tan dildos is extensive. At HotCherry, you’ll find short and long tan dildos, realistic tan dildos, vibrating ones, thrusting, squirting, hollow options, and many more.

Always look at the material first to make sure it is suited to your preferences. Medical-grade silicone is hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, completely non-porous, and very durable. It is, however, a bit stiffer than other materials like TPE and PVC. These two options are much better if you want a dildo that feels impossibly flesh-like.

A suction cup base is an excellent choice because it enables hands-free fun. If you want a dildo to use with a partner, harness compatibility will be desirable. For a vibrating dildo, always check the battery specs. A rechargeable Li-ion battery is the most practical, but it should deliver enough uninterrupted play time before you must whip out that charging cable.