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Male Chastity Devices

ManCage Chastity 3.5" Cock Cage
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CB-6000 Clear Male Chastity Device
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The Vice Male Chastity Device
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Bring Submission to a New Level with Male Chastity Devices

Over the past few years, male chastity devices have become quite popular in part due to the fact that they’re more available and affordable than ever before. Such a chastity device is a powerful tool to use in BDSM and fetish play, as it’s very effective when it comes to submission and orgasm denial. It helps for the exploration of a whole new erotic level that would be difficult to experience in any other way.

While fairly simple, male chastity devices have to be well-made in order to function and also be safe. At HotCherry, you’ll find a good selection of such devices as a part of our BDSM collection. Some of the popular choices include silicone chastity devices, curved accessories that prevent erections, plastic and leather blockers, clear chastity devices and even padlocked options. When exploring, pay attention to both form and function in order to discover exactly what rocks your boat.

A Cock Cage Brings Various Sexual Benefits to the Table

Cock cages aren’t just about submission and orgasm denial. Trying one can result in a range of additional benefits. For many men, orgasm denial is a spiritual experience that lets them dig deeper into the emotional and even meta-physical aspects of sex. In addition, chastity devices help to strengthen self-control, result in more powerful orgasms down the line and they can even help build a more intimate and trusting relationship with a partner.

While they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, chastity devices should definitely be tested out if you’re curious about them. You can start with a basic, comfortable design that accommodates your entire flaccid penis. Some of the more advanced devices are created to produce some additional restriction because of their fairly small size. if you’ve never used a chastity device before, start simple and move your way up the options. We also want to stress on the importance of measuring before buying anything. This is generally true for most sex toys but even more so for a cage that’s meant to hold your penis a prisoner.

Also, one important thing – a cock cage should never cause discomfort or pain. If you choose a high quality product that has an anatomically-correct design and the right size, you’re not going to run into such problems. Avoid cheap stuff (as you should with all kinds of sex toys). Going for the most inexpensive option out there could lead to issues.

And finally, we recommend counting on a high quality lube to get your penis inside the chastity device the first few times you put it on. Lubricant will make things a lot easier and much more comfortable for you. As you get used to the restriction and the erection inhibition stemming from the use of the chastity device, you wouldn’t need to reach for the lube tube that often.

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