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Plastic Chastity Cages

Enjoy Stimulating Power Play with a Plastic Chastity Cage

You will enjoy the best of both worlds with a plastic chastity cage – the rigidity of a metal one and the lightweight design of a silicone cage. Plastic cages are excellent for guys of all experience levels and allow participation in numerous chastity kink scenarios.

Plastic male chastity cages are a submission piece that turns a guy’s partner into the dominant party. They work through erection and orgasm denial. While such limitations may seem too out there initially, all practitioners describe the experience as tremendously liberating. On top of allowing for something completely new to be enjoyed, these chastity cages can also contribute to more intense orgasms after the denial portion of the experience is over.

HotCherry’s collection consists of multiple lightweight and highly functional plastic chastity cages. Each is characterized by perfect functionality and a degree of restriction that will take dominance to a new level.