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Erotic Massage Oil & Lotions

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Sensual massages are great for foreplay and boosting intimacy between partners, and for this, you need quality massage oil. Our collection of massage oils and lotions offers all-natural, edible & warming oils and organic massage oils.

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Give Sensual Pleasure with an Erotic Massage Oil

Erotic massages can get things heated very fast, especially if you use the right oil for the purpose. There are many heating oils – the more these get rubbed into the skin or an erogenous zone, the more heat they’ll generate. In some instances, massage oils are also created to be edible. It’s easy to imagine the perk of such a product and the range of sexy applications it could have.

At HotCherry, you’ll discover the full range of possibilities. We have all-natural massage oils, edible warming gels, organic massage oils, personal moisturizers and lubes that can be used as massage oils and many more. Each one of these comes with a specific fragrance – something you should check out in advance since a scent can definitely set a certain mood.

Sensual Massage Oils Deliver the Ultimate Kind of Foreplay

We live in a world that forces us to hurry up all the time. Needless to say, this rapid existence has had a profound effect on lovemaking. People rarely take the time to slow down, enjoy each other’s bodies and turn the experience into a spiritual one. An erotic massage can accomplish these goals. Not only does it feel amazing and incredibly sensual, it’s also very intimate. The massage gives couples the perfect opportunity to slow down, explore each other and enjoy the moment.

A good sensual massage cannot be delivered without a good quality massage oil. Regular massage oils would do but an erotic massage oil will deliver an even better effect. The reason for the development of such a specialized product is its application on erogenous zones. The heating effect can be very pleasurable and it will intensify sensations during foreplay or sex later on.

Quality massage oils are most often specialized products with a single purpose. They shouldn’t be used to replace a water-based or silicone-based lube. Some lubes will also double as massage oils or even edible massage oils. If you want a versatile product that will give you such a range of uses, pick one of these hybrids. People who like giving each other massages often, however, will probably do better with separate bottles of lube and massage oil.

You don’t have to be an expert in order to deliver a wonderful erotic massage. With a bit of high quality oil, your hands will glide effortlessly over your lover’s most sensitive spots. You can start out innocent with their back or shoulders. The direction you’ll choose after that initial phase is entirely up to you.

We have just one recommendation to help you experience amazing intimacy – choose an erotic massage oil that’s based on natural ingredients. There are lots of natural oils that feel good, hydrate the skin and enhance massages. You’ll find many such options in our product catalog – just check the list of ingredients to make sure you’re not sensitive to any of them.

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