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Female Chastity Belts

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The female chastity belt is the main accessory for orgasm denial power play, as the wearer gives up control of her sexual urges. Our collection of female chastity belts features creative models you and your partner will be happy with.

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Access Is Fully Denied with a Female Chastity Belt

Orgasm denial is the ultimate form of dominance and submission. If you are the one who’s going to be putting on a female chastity belt, you’ll be giving up control of your sexual urges. That can be tremendously hot and liberating at the same time.

At HotCherry, you’ll discover a range of curated chastity belts for women. Made from both stainless steel and leather, these chastity belts are an ideal addition to a power play scenario. Even if you’re not into BDSM, you can still test the experience to discover if submissiveness is your thing.

A Female Chastity Belt Prolongs Erotic Play for an
Eruptive Finish

Imagine having your partner stimulating and teasing you while at the same time keeping you from having an orgasm. That’s the ultimate form of sexual teasing. It can prolong foreplay, and once the chastity belt gets removed, you’ll probably enjoy the most eruptive orgasm of a lifetime.

Female chastity belts have existed through the centuries, and contemporary designs aren’t that different from their historical counterparts. Innovative materials and comfort-centered designs, however, allow for a safe and exciting experience with this piece of BDSM gear.

The typical female chastity belt features a waist and a genital strap, as well as a padlock. The dominant party
is the holder of the key, and they decide when the belt goes on and when it’s going to be removed.

Softer materials are a good choice for prolonged wear as they feel better against the skin and don’t restrict
movements. A stainless-steel chastity belt is the ultimate form of orgasm denial. This variety, however, is better suited to the needs of more experienced players who already have enough of a submissive background.

Sometimes, a chastity belt can be a part of a restraints system that also features cuffs and a collar. Additionally, it can be paired with sensory deprivation items like a gag and a blindfold. The options are limitless, and when you decide to experiment, you’ll find out that the chastity belt is quite versatile and stimulating.

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