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Unleash the Power of the Tease with Nipple Pasties

Nipple pasties add an exciting element to sexy time. There’s a reason why burlesque dancers rely heavily on such accessories. Nipple pasties are so suggestive. While they leave very little to the imagination, there’s still an element of uncovering related to their use. Not only that, they can definitely add some glamor and erotic appeal to one of the body’s most enticing parts.

Nipple pasties are very diverse in appearance and style. At HotCherry we carry large selection of pasties, including body jewel sets, sequined pasties, glow in the dark pasties, packs, holographic pasties and others. Most of these designs are self-adhesive for added convenience.

Nipple Pasties FAQ

Anyone can try nipple pasties – they’re very easy to use. As already mentioned, there’s also a huge range of designs. Some are meant to arouse, some are naughty and some are funny. Having a pair underneath your bra will result in a nice little surprise your lover will definitely appreciate.

If you’re feeling self-conscious about being that exposed, you have choices. Nipple pasties come in various sizes. Some deliver a bit more coverage, going over the nipple, the areola and a portion of the breast. Starting out with such pasties will ease you into the experience and give you the confidence to move on to something that covers a lot less. Or if you don’t want to get more suggestive, you can stick to the bigger size.

Nipple pasties can be used by all breast and nipple owners, regardless of gender or age. They can be explored during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Just make sure the set you’re going for is waterproof to avoid any potential slips.

You can rock pasties in a wide range of scenarios. Flashing your partner in the morning, before heading to the office, is an incredible way to build anticipation. Trust us, it will be impossible for them to keep their hands off your body in the evening. You can also incorporate nipple pasties in a striptease routine and in actual sex. Usually, the adhesive is strong enough to keep them in place while things get really intense.

Nipple pasties can be paired really well with meshy and transparent kinds of lingerie. Having a pair on underneath a chemise or a babydoll, for example, will elevate the sexual potential of such lingerie. It’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to do some color matching or if you’ll have contrasting/sparkling pasties underneath to direct attention to your breasts.

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