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Peekaboos Bad Girl Pasties - Pack of 2Peekaboos Bad Girl Pasties - Pack of 2
Peekaboos Spank Me Pasties - 2 PairsPeekaboos Spank Me Pasties - 2 Pairs
Peekaboos Dark Angel Stars - 2 PairsPeekaboos Dark Angel Stars - 2 Pairs
Coquette Broken Heart Nipple PastiesCoquette Broken Heart Nipple Pasties
Coquette Fishnet Cross Nipple PastiesCoquette Fishnet Cross Nipple Pasties
Pastease Seashell Nipple PastiesPastease Seashell Nipple Pasties

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Leave Little to the Imagination with Nipple Pasties

We all fantasize about role plays we would love to act out, and lingerie and costumes are monumental variables to setting the scene. But one accessory that often gets neglected is one worn by the most glamorous burlesque dancers in the world – nipple pasties!

Nipple pasties are gorgeous accessories that are sure to dazzle your beau while covering up one of your most sensitive areas. Contrary to sexy lingerie and babydolls, nipple pasties will stick onto your nipples and only your nipples…what you do with the rest of your body is at your discretion. So, get fantasizing!

Browse our wide selection of nipple pasties that will help you act out all your favorite fantasies and leave little to the imagination. To help you learn a bit more about nipple pasties, we’ve addressed some commonly asked questions:

Nipple Pasties FAQ

Can I use nipple pasties while I’m nursing?

Yes ma’am! As long as the nipple pasty you’re eyeing is waterproof, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to use them while you’re nursing.

Do they all come with tassels?

Not necessarily! Nipple pasties can be simple, jeweled, tasseled, fringed or transparent – it really depends on what style you like and what turns you on.

What size should I buy?

That is entirely up to you. You should consider the size of your nipple, of course, but with regards to how much is covered, that’s a personal choice. Whether you want to completely cover your areola, or show it almost entirely, or bling it up even, we’ve curated a selection of nipple pasties to suit all your preferences.