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Double Ended Dildos

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When you crave more stimulation, a double-ended dildo may be the dildo to own. You can also share the pleasure with your partner and enjoy simultaneous penetration, intense stimulation, and body-shaking orgasms.

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Share the Pleasure with a Double Ended Dildo

If you’d like to experience penetration at the same time that your lover does, a double ended dildo is the one to try. The toy’s a perfect choice for lesbian couples and it can also be used by straight people who’d like to engage in simultaneous female penetration and pegging. But this isn’t everything a double ended dildo can do. Even solo play becomes much more intense and orgasm-inducing when you have two cocks to play with at the same time.

The world of double sided dildos is diversified. There are both U-shaped and straight toys from flexible materials that can be bent in any way deemed appropriate. You’ll also find double headed dildos that are narrower at one end than the other. Such a product allows a lot more when it comes to vaginal and anal penetration.

A Double Ended Dildo Gives You Powerful Penetrative Orgasms 

Who said that couples are the only ones that can use a double ended dildo? These toys bring new possibilities to solo play, especially when people are interested in more intense experiences and experimentation.

A double sided dildo is the perfect toy for double penetration. That’s precisely what U-shaped toys are designed for. As already mentioned, they often feature one larger and one narrower end. It’s up to you to decide which cock goes where.

The materials that double sided dildos are made of can also contribute to amazing solo fun or more intense partnered play. You’ll come across silicone, cyberskin and even glass headed dildos. Each material gives the toy some unique personality. Glass is amazing for targeted stimulation and advanced play. Cyberskin is the most amazing material if you’re looking for a dildo that feels real and lifelike.

And if you’d like to get even more, you can opt for a vibrating double ended dildo or a strapless strap-on. Some also have clit stimulators incorporated in the design, giving you three types of sensations all packed into the same toy.

Some people refrain from trying out double dildos, worrying that they’re too hardcore. But there are reasonably sized and very friendly dildos on the market. These are perfect for fairly inexperienced users who would like to enhance their sex lives. You don’t need a huge collection of “regular” toys to try out this one. In fact, a two headed dildo is so versatile that it can replace many other kinds of cocks.

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