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Wand Vibrators

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The vibrating wand massager is one of the most powerful vibrating toys you can find, which makes it perfect for clitoral stimulation. Our wand vibrators collection features classic, rechargeable mini wands and other models.

How to Choose Wand Vibrators, How to Use a Wand Vibrator
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Get Unmatched Intensity with a Wand Vibrator

We all know that the good, old wand massager was created for an innocent purpose that was quickly forgotten because of the orgasmic potential it brings to the table. The wand is one of the most powerful vibrating toys on the market. It’s also incredibly versatile. Press it against your clit for a mind-blowing, rapid orgasm. Use it on any other body part and you’ll be rewarded with lots of pleasure.

The design of the classic wand has remained fairly unchanged through the years but innovation has definitely shaped up the product category. At HotCherry, you’ll find the original Hitachi wand, rechargeable and cordless wands, mini wands that are very easy to hold, wands with ergonomic handles and even heating body massagers. Don’t hesitate exploring the full range before buying – you’ll come across models you didn’t know existed!

Wand Vibrators are Versatile and Unisex

Everyone needs to have a wand vibrator in their nightstand drawer. The wand is perfect for solo experiences. If you need a quick, powerful orgasm, you wouldn’t find a better toy out there. Also, a wand can be used during sex with a partner. It’s a perfect foreplay option that can be applied to any erogenous zone and body part. By bringing the wand in your sex routine, you’ll probably explore sensations that you haven’t had the chance to enjoy before.

Many people who have tried a wand don’t want to try any other vibrator kind. They know that the intensity is incomparable. Wand massagers are reliable and perfect for people who need more to orgasm. Also, they’re very easy to try alongside other sex toys. A wand in combination with an anal sex toy or a dildo will do miracles for your sex life.

Wand vibrators can be crafted of various materials. One of the best combos out there is medical-grade silicone and ABS plastic. Sometimes, metal elements will also be featured. Other materials could also be explored, especially for the head portion of the vibrator that comes in contact with your body. Flesh-like, soft and flexible materials are a good choice.

You’ll also need to decide whether you’ll go the rechargeable or corded route. Corded wand vibrators are the classic choice. Getting the toy plugged in will provide you with uninterrupted power supply for those heated moments. As you already know, wands are very powerful and they’ll need quite a lot of juice to keep running.

Good lithium ion batteries can sustain that intensity. A cordless toy gives you more freedom when it comes to your movements and sexual experiments that you get engaged in by yourself or with a partner.

It’s also a good idea to take a look at the intensities and vibration patterns. The more settings there are, the more versatility you’ll get to enjoy. Since wand vibrators are very powerful, you want a toy that starts out slow and gentle and is capable of reaching amazing intensity heights when you’re ready.

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