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Pipedream Extreme Male Masturbator Vibrating AssPipedream Extreme Male Masturbator Vibrating Ass
Pipedream Extreme Male Masturbator Vibrating Ass
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Pipedream Extreme Sex Doll HeadPipedream Extreme Sex Doll Head
Pipedream Extreme Sex Doll Head
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Pipedream Extreme Sex Doll TorsoPipedream Extreme Sex Doll Torso
Pipedream Extreme Sex Doll Torso
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Pipedream Extreme Bubble Butt Big Booty Sex DollPipedream Extreme Bubble Butt Big Booty Sex Doll
Pipedream Extreme Bubble Butt Big Booty Sex Doll
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Pipedream Extreme Male Sex DollPipedream Extreme Male Sex Doll
Pipedream Extreme Male Sex Doll
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Blush Vibrating Rear Ecstasy MasturbatorBlush Vibrating Rear Ecstasy Masturbator
Blush Vibrating Rear Ecstasy Masturbator
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Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Petite MasturbatorPipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Petite Masturbator
Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Petite Masturbator
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Pipedream Extreme Black Ass Anal Sex DollPipedream Extreme Black Ass Anal Sex Doll
Pipedream Extreme Black Ass Anal Sex Doll
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Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male MasturbatorPipedream Extreme Realistic Male Masturbator
Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Masturbator
Sale price$673.99 Regular price$979.99

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What Are Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls have gone through many incarnations in their time. They first began in the seventeenth century and were made by sailors who were at sea for long voyages.

During visits to Japanese shores, some of these crudely made sex dolls were sold to the Japanese. These became known as ‘Dutch wives,’ and the name still lives on in Japan, even nowadays.

Now, rather than being made from old fabrics and materials, these dolls have taken on a new shape. Also now know as a ‘love doll or a ‘blow up doll,’ these adult sex toys come in an array of shapes and sizes.

Throughout history, these dolls have been used mostly for male masturbation purposes, but in the modern age things have taken a very different turn. Sex dolls are still prevalent in their blow up form where they are balloon-like, but they’ve gotten much better with arms, legs, and faces, and most important of all --the female genitalia.

Other models can come in cut down form and only include the pelvis region and the anus and vagina, while some come with just a head and a mouth. Some of these models come with more features and have parts that can be interchangeable and also vibrate for added enjoyment during play.

With modern improvements in design and materials, these dolls are taking on a definitive, more human-like persona and appearance. Sex dolls have entered the twenty-first century and beyond with the extreme being the newest type, the sex robot.

Types of Realistic Sex Doll Toys

Thanks to modern innovations, realistic dolls have taken on a very different appearance than they had back in the early days. Here are some of the new varieties of lifelike dolls that you can find on the market…

Blow Up Dolls:

This type hasn’t changed much over the years, and they are still very popular. They are still made from PVC for most of the body, but there are many companies which sell them with solid heads, hands and feet.

A blow up doll is still used for masturbatory purposes, and really are the cheapest option available, but do lack on added features, so they are unable to meet the needs which other realistic sex dolls can achieve.

Silicone Realistic Dolls:

By the material alone, these are softer and more realistic than their inflatable counterparts. Silicone sex dolls have a skin-like texture and feel and come in a broad range of styles and types. Actually, a lot of the newer models come with an internal skeleton so they can be put into various poses, and also have changeable facial expressions too.

TPE Dolls:

These are very similar to silicone-bodied sex dolls, but the material is softer and more pliable and takes on impressions of things it touches. These are also posable, and generally speaking, they are smaller and lighter than ones made from silicone.

TPE has a realistic feel when warm, which can make it form to their partner's shape.

Cloth or Stuffed Dolls:

This type of sex doll is very often based on anime-styled girls. They come with vaginal inserts so the outer material won’t be damaged. They are also ideal for any person who has a fetish for fabric, or individuals who are not overly comfortable with other types of materials.

This type of doll doesn’t (at present) come with posable skeletons, but this does make them lighter and easier to take care of in storage.

Male Dolls:

From what was once strictly a sex toy for men seeking female sexual intercourse, things have changed. There is a lot more choice now when it comes to male sex toys. And some of the above models of realistic doll are made for the gay community as well as for women, seeking intercourse with a male doll. These sex dolls are modeled in a wide range of types that will appeal to many men or women who are looking for a male doll.

How to Choose the Right Sex Doll

It might seem to be an easy thing to do, but choosing the right sex doll can be much harder than you think. There are plenty of options you need to get right, because a realistic sex doll can be a significant investment.

Whether it’s a blow up doll or a more realistic sex doll; this really needs to be your first consideration. This will include the budget you have to spend because there are a massive range of prices across the board. If you are unsure, you can first opt for a blow up doll to see if you like the idea, but these won’t give the same satisfaction as one that’s made from more realistic, lifelike materials.

An area many people forget when purchasing a sex doll is the storage space they can take up. Blow up dolls can be deflated, but silicone or TPE realistic sex dolls will remain in their human shape.

TPE comes in cheaper than silicone but is harder to care for, so if you don’t have the space to care for it correctly, then this could be a ruling factor against this type.

Regarding the looks of the doll, there are hundreds of female types. There are different race types, some with huge butts and breasts, or you can choose from the pin-up model type. It all depends on what you think your dream woman is, and this can be one of the deciding factors for determining your realistic sex doll.

Looks are not everything, and the vagina (or penis for a male doll) needs consideration because they are not all equal, even between silicone and TPE. And there is a significant difference in feel and fit for these dolls.

At this point, plenty of these realistic sex dolls use inserts for the vagina, mouth and anus. This helps with cleanup after a session, and will also make your realistic sex doll feel just the way you like it. Fake vaginas do an excellent job of replicating the feel, while a mouth insert simulates sucking. Similarly, the anus insert can give a much tighter feel which pleases a lot of men.

Finding the right sex doll can be a fun but frustrating experience, there are lots of ‘women’ out there, and choosing the best sex doll is like trying to find a real woman, but thankfully, men are in complete control of the situation. Women can find their perfect ‘man’ too, but this is a relatively new experience at present. Keep an eye out for the market to grow here.

What Are the Benefits

It is true that most sex dolls are used to satisfy sexual needs and mostly for masturbation purposes with extra visual stimulation and realistic indulgence. They do offer awesome benefits, so here are a few things that they can deliver…

  • Great sex any time you want – The more realistic sex dolls can come with vibrating parts, this enhances the sexual experience and can provide great sex no matter what time of the day. Couple this with the choice of a masturbating insert and you can feel much stronger simulation.
  • Sexual performance can be enhanced – Practice makes perfect, men can practice all they want and increase their stamina and sexual performance for when they are with a real sexual partner.
  • Controlling your ejaculation – If you suffer from premature ejaculation, then a sex doll is perfect to help get over this. Because there is little return interaction, the parts of the mind which can become over-excited and cause this premature ejaculation will be somewhat subdued. You can hold back with no fear of becoming embarrassed by a mishap.
  • No commitment – Sex dolls can be used for sex with no obligations or hangups. This might appear strange to some, but it can be safer than casual ‘one night stands,’ where the chance of contracting an STD (sexually transmitted disease) is always possible.

Some Safety Considerations

Most of the safety concerns of using sex dolls come from the makeup of the materials used in their construction. Depending on where the doll is manufactured, there might be compounds contained in the skin which cause rashes, burning sensations or severe itching.

One of the most common materials is phthalates, and this is found in cheaper sex toys and sex dolls. This is used to bind the elements and make them more flexible. A good manufacturer will usually try and stay away from phthalates, or have a label saying there are body safe materials used. You will usually get what you pay for here, so keep that in mind when doing a budget.

TPE, when compared to silicone, is more porous, so this needs caring for much more. Without correct cleaning, the surface can become a breeding ground for bacteria. This not only means from bodily fluids but also from environmental factors.

If your sex doll has any vibrating parts, these need to be removed between use and when cleaning. If rechargeable, they should never be used while charging.

Sharing sex dolls might appear innocent, but STDs can be easily transmitted as if you’re having regular sexual intercourse with a human, so don’t share, ever.

The posable sex dolls have internal skeletons, and although they might appear to be strong, these can easily break with sudden exertion of force. So, no unnecessary weight or bending into unnatural positions should take place.

Cleaning Tips

Of all the sex toys you can purchase, sex dolls do take the most care. Here are a few things you need to do for the utmost care of your sex doll. TPE sex dolls take the most attention, but these steps will relate to other types too.

  • Skin care – Don’t leave a sex doll with their arms or legs spread for long periods. This can cause tearing. The skin might become sticky, and when this happens, your doll needs sprinkling in renewal powder or pure cornstarch. A sex doll should never be placed next to dark materials, papers and/or magazines because inks can leech into the TPE material. Always use a water-based lubricant for silicone or TPE-type sex dolls.
  • Skeletal care – If you have a sex doll which has a skeleton, these will have joints which can be moved. Care needs to be taken when moving a doll because this skeleton can damage the material from the inside if knocked. If you have your doll in the doggy position, don’t put all your weight on her without additional support, for example.
  • Bathing sex dolls – Your doll needs a thorough cleaning every 30 days by a bath or shower with warm water and antibacterial soap. When doing so, the neck or head should not become submerged under water. When drying, use a lint-free towel to pat dry and then cover in renewal powder.
  • Orifice cleaning – All of the doll’s orifices need to be cleaned thoroughly before and after each use. This will help prevent any bacterial growth. TPE is more susceptible to this because the surface is more porous, compared to silicone. The vaginal canal needs extra cleaning to make sure it is free from ejaculation fluid. If your doll has a removable insert, this can be much easier to clean. Dry thoroughly and sprinkle with renewal powder.

You should never share your sex doll with anyone else, and it is advisable to wear a condom for ease of cleaning (for non-silicone based models) to combat bacterial growth.

Storage Tips

Sex dolls take careful storage, so finding the right place is crucial. Blow up sex dolls can be deflated and stored easily once they have been cleaned and dried, but if there are long periods in between use, they should be unfolded to make sure the folds don’t lead to cracks.

For TEP and silicone sex dolls, you’ll need a place which is free from light and one that’s cool and dry. Some of the better models of sex dolls come with hanging hooks where you can remove their head and then suspend them inside a closet. These suspension hooks prevent any of the body parts from becoming deformed by the body resting on any surface for extended periods of time.

All clothing should be removed from your doll during storage. This prevents malformation or staining of the sex doll’s skin.

Some of the companies who manufacture sex dolls will provide a storage bag that can be placed around your doll before hanging in the closet. If this isn’t available, you should wrap your doll in a light, lint-free sheet to prevent any dust finding its way onto or into their body.

Common Questions People Ask

Can I use makeup or perfume?

You can use makeup as long as it’s water based. If you use regular makeup, most of these are oil based and can affect the skin of your sex doll. Perfumes should never be used because they contain alcohol and will damage the surface of the silicone or TPE skin.

How do I heat my sex doll before use?

Heating sex dolls is crucial before use. Some models can be quickly heated by using an electric blanket, while others come with built-in, full body heating. For orifice heating, you can purchase heating wands.

Will my sex doll smell?

In most cases, both TPE and silicone sex dolls won't smell when aired during storage. However, during shipping and when you first open the packaging, there can be a buildup of odor. This will quickly dissipate once your doll is out in the open.

Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, both before and after use. Your sex dolls will last so much longer when they’re cared for properly.