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Sex Pillows

Enjoy More Variety Than Ever Before with a Sex Pillow

A sex pillow is an accessory every couple needs in the bedroom – that’s just how good and versatile it is. You’ll find getting into certain positions easier and much more comfortable with a pillow. It also provides an instant opportunity to change the depth and angle of penetration. G-spot stimulation has never been easier; you’ll immediately sense the difference.

The HotCherry sex pillow range consists of multiple entries. We have some basic models to prop yourself with during sex. A few of the more advanced models deliver additional stimulation opportunities. Some of the pillows feature BDSM elements like built-in cuffs and restraints. The models with handles are easier to grab – a characteristic that makes them ideal for the most intense and passionate sessions.

We also carry both wedge positioning pillows and inflatable pillows. If you have a space-starved bedroom, the second choice will simplify storage and add convenience. These models are also very travel-friendly.