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Nipple Clamps

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Nipple clamps increase sensitivity and add a new layer of arousal to sex and foreplay. We carry a huge variety of styles and designs, including adjustable clamps, alligator nipple clamps, silicone clamps, nipple teasers, and others.

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Make Every Sexual Experience Intense with Nipple Clamps

When used correctly, nipple clamps can give you a much more powerful orgasm and that’s a well-known fact. While most people associate them with pain, this doesn’t have to be the case. An integral piece of BDSM gear, nipple clamps can be used to apply a bit of pressure that will increase sensitivity and add a new layer of arousal to sex. There’s a huge variety of styles and designs, each one created to produce a specific sensation.

You’ll find numerous such designs at HotCherry. We have nipple jewelry (non-piercing), vibrating clamps, broad-tipped clamps, adjustable clamps, alligator nipple clamps, silicone clamps, nipple teasers and others. If you explore the designs, you’ll find them quite a lot more streamlined and modernized than the traditional depiction of nipple clamps. Hence, these accessories can be used in a vast range of pleasurable ways that will increase sensitivity without any risk of discomfort or injury.

A Nipple Clamp Lets You Explore Pleasure and Pain

Nipple clamps work in a really simple, yet highly effective way. They apply pressure to the very sensitive nipple and also restrict the flow of blood. As a result, the most intense sensation will be experienced after the clamp is taken off. When you remove clamps, the rush of blood into this erogenous zone will make it much more sensitive. You’re also likely to experience simultaneous pleasure and pain – an experience that can be exhilarating while you’re getting some other form of sexual stimulation.

And even if pain isn’t your thing, you can still incorporate nipple clamps into foreplay or sex. For the purpose, you may want to try adjustable clamps. These allow you to control the amount of pressure that’s being applied. Start out in a gentle way and gradually increase the pressure to a level that’s a bit more intense but that still feels comfortable. Chances are that the ongoing stimulation of your nipples will help you reach new heights of pleasure.

As mentioned above, you can also try vibrating clamps. The pulsations, combined with the pressure exerted by the clamps, will get your nipples stimulated in a way that you simply haven’t experienced before. Nipple clamps provide excellent opportunities for sexual exploration, especially if you’re curious about BDSM and power play. That’s because they offer a great degree of adjustability. Also, the various models make it fairly easy for everyone to come across a design they fancy and consider sexy. Something as simple as nipple jewelry could add a fun new dimension to sex without necessarily being a traditional piece of BDSM gear.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new you fancy, even if it’s been considered a niche and kinky item up till now. The world is becoming increasingly sex-positive and accessories like nipple clamps are entering the mainstream. And once you test them out a couple of times, you’ll probably find out that they add a level of excitement and freshness to sex you and your partner have been craving.

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