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Bed Restraints

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Enjoy Submission with Bed Restraints

Have you ever fantasized about being tied to the bed and just enjoying your partner having their way with you? Bed restraints give you the most practical opportunity to play out this sexy fantasy most safely and comfortably. Bed restraint systems can be super simple or much more advanced, allowing you to completely immobilize your partner.

Both varieties are available at HotCherry and then some more. Our collection includes under-the-bed restraint systems, spreader sets, over-the-bed kits, bondage belt-based restraints, bed post bindings, kits for beginners, and deluxe BDSM restraint systems that also contain an array of pleasure and pain accessories.

Check out how each system attaches to the bed to ensure it’s compatible with your furniture. Also, base the decision on your experience level. As you get more comfortable with dominance and submission, you can move on to more intricate kits.

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