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Harness Compatible Dildos

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Silk Silicone Dildo

1 review
From $31.99 $50.99
Suga Daddy Strap On Dildo
From $29.99 $44.99
Sportsheets Nexus Silicone Dildo

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Femme Funn Turbo Shaft 2.0

18 reviews
$114.99 $190.99

Switch Roles with Harness-Compatible Dildos

A dildo isn’t just meant to be used on its own. When you have a harness, you can experiment with so much more! Harness-compatible dildos allow you to penetrate your partner, try pegging or enjoy some sexy girl on girl action. With a harness compatible dildo, you can easily switch roles in the bedroom and try out a whole new spectrum of fun that wouldn’t have been possible without such a toy.

Dildos that can be used with a harness come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are narrow and slightly curved – a design that makes them perfect for pegging. There are also realistic dildos, large dildos, silicone and cyberskin toys, triple density dildos that resemble an actual penis, thrusting, vibrating dildos and so many others. You can discover the full range at HotCherry.

A Harness Compatible Dildo Broadens Your Sexual Horizons

Sex can be so much more than the straight, vanilla definition of it. Toys like harness compatible dildos make it so easy to explore and discover new facets of a sensual experience with a partner. If you’re trying this kind of play for the first time, you don’t have to go super crazy. You’ll find small and narrow harness compatible dildos that are ideal for newbies and casual users. And if you’d like to take stimulation to the next level, you’re free to go with something bigger, a toy that vibrates or hits the G-spot/prostate every single time.

Dildos that are compatible with harnesses allow you to broaden your sexual horizons. Sex with the same partner can get predictable after a while, even if it’s amazing. Chances are that both of you want to try something new. A dildo and a harness combo allows you to bring back the spark and experience intensity like never before. The good thing about these toys is that harness-compatible dildos can be used with straps or on their own. As such, they can be incorporated in both sex and solo play. Because of all these uses, harness-compatible dildos are some of the most versatile toys out there. Even if you’re looking for a dildo that will be used exclusively for masturbation right now, make sure the toy is harness-compatible. It’s always a good idea to have a sexy piece you can incorporate in your partnered experiences when the time is right.

When looking for a harness-compatible dildo, check the size (both the length and the girth), the material and the compatibility features. Additional things you may want to check out include the availability of a suction cup, realism or proper curvature for G-spot/P-spot stimulation.