Realistic Uncircumsized Dildos with Foreskin

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Keep Your Pleasure in Your Hands with an Uncircumcised Dildo

Representation is important in sex toys, so calling all lover of uncut penises! Uncircumcised dildos are designed in a way that the foreskin is moved back a bit, to deliver the ultimate experience of being penetrated.

A dildo is a must-have in every pleasure lover’s toy box, and most of these delightful dildos come with a suction cup base for hands-free fun.

We provide a great collection of uncircumcised dildos, including a realistic feature of foreskin that can be moved, for the ultimate realistic experience! Browse our wide selection of uncut dildos that will help you feel filled up and satisfied. To help you learn a bit more about uncut dildos, we’ve addressed some commonly asked questions:

Uncircumcised Dildos FAQ

Why choose an uncircumcised dildo?

The biggest advantage of an uncircumcised dildo is the movement of the foreskin. The friction of the foreskin when it’s inserted inside you delivers an amazing sensation, and increases pleasure in many ways.

What size should I go for?

We do suggest you consider the length and girth of the uncircumcised dildo you’re eyeing prior to getting one. Since these dildos provide more friction that the average dildo, avoid going for huge sizes if you are a beginner. If you need help choosing a size, visit our Dildo Sizing Guide for help!

How should I clean my uncircumcised dildo?

Since most uncut sex toys are made of porous materials like TPR for the ultimate realistic feel, you need to be more thorough with the cleaning of your toy. Porous material easily allows bacteria to breed, so make sure you’re cleaning your toy with water and soap or toy cleaner before and after every play session to avoid infection or bleeding.