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Keep Your Options Open with a Vac U Lock Dildo or Strap-On

Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Lock™ system is a collection that keeps expanding to serve you with even more functions, fantasies and practices. If you want variety in the sensual pieces that you own and a gift that keeps on giving, it’s a strap-on harness or dildo from these guys. The patented harness and plug system revolutionized strap-on play by offering fully adjustable harnesses that are designed for comfort and superior control.

A proprietary plug on each harness is designed to hold insertable toys perfectly in place and allows for endless customizable options. If you want to enjoy regular penetration one day and pegging the next, you can with this versatile harness system. They also offer complete sets that are perfect as a gift or to start off your own collection.

Keep your options open with the Vac-U-Lock™ collection – it’s truly an investment worth making. To help you gain even more clarity on this divine collection, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions about the system.

Vac U Lock Dildos & Sex Toys FAQ

What is the Doc Johnson ‘Vac-U-Lock™’ collection?

One of Doc Johnson’s greatest creations is their state-of-the-art Vac-U-Lock™ sex toy connection system. Vac-U-Lock™ is the perfect way to connect your favorite Doc Johnson dildo or vibrator to suction-cup mounts, strap-on harnesses, or any other compatible device. It’s very secure, easy to use and ensures that your toy stays just where you want it to.

How can I clean my products?

Non-vibrating products can effectively be cleaned with mild soap and water. If the product is made of Platinum Silicone or non-vibrating glass, you can also clean it using boiling water or your dishwasher (top-rack). If your product is made from ULTRASKYN™, Doc Johnson recommends using the Refresh Powder after each cleaning to maintain the quality and make it feel brand new every time.

There are so many different dildos to choose from! Which one is the best?

There is no such thing as the ‘best dildo’, only the one that’s best for you. Every body is different, therefore you have to find the one which you are most comfortable with. Doc Johnson produces dildos of various materials, shapes and sizes, so doing your research on which material may be right for you can help to narrow down your search greatly. As for shapes and sizes, start by looking at your own collection and what you like, and go from there. If this is your very first dildo, browse and see which one visually get your juices pumping!

I’m allergic to latex. Which toys can I use safely?

All of them! The catalog is entirely latex-free, so you’re good to go wild.

Do I need to use lubrication with these dildos?

Whether you’re playing with a dildo or another sex toy, the use of lubricant is at your own discretion. Some people need lube, others don’t – sometimes it depends on the day. However, we always recommend using lube if it’s going to be inserted anally, to prevent any tearing, as the anus is not self-lubricating. How much you should use is based on personal preference, but we suggest using a quality water-based lube to preserve the material and increase the longevity of your product.