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Glass Butt Plugs

Icicles No. 44 Glass Butt Plug
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Stardust Glam Brilliant Crystal Plug
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Go Beyond Simple Anal Pleasure with Glass Butt Plugs

Regular butt plugs made of materials like silicone give you pleasure due to the penetration alone. If you want to add another dimension to the experience, choose an alternative material like glass. The weight of a glass toy in your butt will make you feel hot and super naughty. Not only that, glass can also be heated or cooled down. Adding a temperature element to penetration is something that you simply cannot experience with another material.

Glass butt plugs come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate for varying preferences and experience levels. You’ll find an enticing range of possibilities at HotCherry. Regular glass butt plugs, complete kits consisting of progressively bigger plugs, anal trainers, textured plugs and even prostate massagers can all be crafted from this fine material. All of the choices come with exceptional quality and longevity, giving you a toy you’d definitely have fun with for years (even decades) to come.

A Glass Butt Plug Ensures Enjoyment, Safety and Perfect Hygiene

Glass is the perfect material for sex toys because it’s both fun and practical. It’s fun in the sense that it gives you weight unlike silicone or cyberskin toys. That heft produces a very specific sensation. The weight, combined with the pleasure of being penetrated, is going to give you targeted stimulation and quite a lot of intensity.

Glass is also amazing because of its characteristics. The borosilicate glass sex toys are made of is completely non-porous. It doesn’t harbor bacteria or dirt. You’ll simply need to wash your glass butt plugs with a bit of soapy water when you’re done having fun and they’ll be good to use again.

Quality glass is also shatter-proof and virtually indestructible. If you take proper care of your glass butt plugs, they will probably last you a lifetime. This is a perfect investment to make in your pleasure.

Because of these characteristics, glass is perfect for anal sex toys. While it is inflexible, it does give you a ton of fun things to try. Also, a glass butt plug can be curved in a way to stimulate you thoroughly when inserted. This is important for both men and women. Guys can enjoy a bit of a prostate massage while ladies will get to feel some G-spot stimulation when a curved glass plug is inserted.

Finally, glass works with all kinds of lubes. You have the freedom to choose between water-based, silicone and oil-based lubes. Having this kind of freedom is important for safe and fun anal sex experiences.

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