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Wax Play Candles

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Give in to the Delicious Erotic Drip with a Wax Play Candle

Wax play during sex adds another dimension to pleasure and pain. While this practice belonged to the king community some time ago, various media have extensively popularized it. So, if you want to try it, you’ll quickly find a good range of wax play candles.

Wax play candles are designed to melt and drip on someone’s skin. They’re much safer than regular household candles. The wax doesn’t get to an exceptionally high temperature, so the experience is perfectly enjoyable for the submissive party.

HotCherry’s collection features various types of massage candles and candles explicitly crafted for wax play. Paraffin and soy are two excellent materials that differ from regular wax, reaching a temperature ideal for a bit of BDSM play. Paraffin has a slightly higher burning temperature than soy, which makes it a good choice for more experienced BDSM practitioners.

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