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Glass Dildos

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Add Temperature Play to the Mix with a Glass Dildo

A glass dildo is a must-have if you want to enjoy better sex and new sensations. The material can be heated or cooled down, allowing you to play with the temperature. You can’t enjoy such sensations with most other sex toy materials. The cooling or heating effect, combined with the hardness of glass, will bring your pleasure to a whole new level. Anyone who enjoys variety and new experiences should consider adding a glass dildo to their collection.

Glass dildos come in all shapes and sizes. Ridges and protrusions will give you a stimulating texture. Curved glass dildos are ideal for P-spot and G-spot stimulation. You’ll also discover double glass dildos, extra-long toys, anal dildos and glass dildos for men. All of these exciting products are readily available for purchase at HotCherry.

A Glass Dildo Gives You a Brand New Texture and a Super Safe Experience

Two more things have to be mentioned about glass dildos – these are unique characteristics distinguishing such toys from all other options on the market.

A glass dildo isn’t bendable and pliable like cyberskin dildos, for example. The hardness of the glass stimulates in a completely different way during penetration. Because the toy is so rigid, it’s ideal for hitting the right spots (as long as you discover the perfect sex position for the purpose).

This is why glass is such an amazing choice for prostate stimulation. The prostate needs to be massaged in a consistent, targeted way for a guy to reach the most powerful orgasm ever. A glass dildo that has the right shape wouldn’t disappoint. Even men who have no experience with prostate massagers report immense pleasure from the use of such toys.

Not only that, glass is one of the safest sex toy materials out there. Glass is completely non-porous. It doesn’t harbor bacteria, dust and dirt. As long as your glass dildo is washed thoroughly after each use, it’s perfectly safe.

Your glass dildos are very easy to keep clean. There’s no need for thorough soaks or in-depth scrubbing. A little bit of warm, soapy water will go a long way. The material is compatible with all kinds of lube and condoms. It’s also very, very long-lived. A high quality glass dildo will last you a lifetime. If you’re looking for the right kind of investment in your pleasure, a glass toy is a definite must-try.

Glass dildos look like beautiful accessories and they’ll easily become the crown jewel of your collection. And while the toughness and inflexible nature of glass require some getting used-to, chances are that you’ll soon become addicted to the brand new sensation.

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