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Silicone Dildos

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Silicone is the ultimate body-safe material for sex toys, and silicone dildos are the culminating element. These are beautiful, versatile, sexy, and long-lasting, and you can find a fascinating selection of silicone dildos in our store.

How to Choose Silicone Dildos, Best Silicone Dildos
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Enjoy the Ultimate Quality with a Silicone Dildo

Silicone is the ultimate choice when it comes to sex toys. It’s super safe and super long-lived. If you want to make an amazing investment in your pleasure, choose a silicone dildo. Silicone dildos are non-porous, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. At the same time, the material feels great during penetration and it can withstand some temperature play to allow for new sensations.

Silicone is such a versatile material that it can be used to craft all kinds of sex toys. Just check out the HotCherry silicone dildo collection – it has everything. We have vibrating silicone dildos, squirting toys, super realistic designs with hand-painted details and balls, suction cup dildos, double dildos, training kits containing several dildos, massive dildos, strapless silicone dildos and many others.

A Silicone Dildo Gives You Realism and Longevity

Silicone has long been considered a staple material for sex toy creation. Not only does it feel super smooth and pleasant, it’s also one of the most durable options out there. As a result, spending a bit more on such a toy will pay off in the form of an item that will remain in an amazing condition for years to come. Longevity isn’t the only benefit of silicone. This is one of the safest choices for sex toys, whether you’re seeking a dildo for vaginal or anal penetration. Medical-grade silicone doesn’t harbor bacteria and it’s very unlikely to cause irritation. It’s very smooth and you’ll need just a bit of water-based lube to make the most of it.

Silicone is easy to clean, easy to maintain and store. As long as you follow manufacturer recommendations, you’ll get to enjoy your favorite new toy for a very, very long time. Silicone dildos come in all shapes and sizes because the material is so easy to mold. This is why you need to choose the right size and design. There are many options out there. Go through the possibilities to discover the ones that appeal to you the most. When looking at the size, don’t just pay attention to the length. The girth of a silicone dildo is equally important (if not more crucial).

Keep in mind that silicone is a bit stiffer than cyberskin and other hyper-real materials. Hence, going smaller may be a good idea in the beginning. When you get used to the texture, you can effortlessly upgrade to a bigger size. And if you want a toy that feels super real, try out a dual density silicone dildo. It comes with a stiff core and a softer outer layer. This design is meant to replicate the feeling of an actual erect penis. The choice is perfect for newbies, as well as for people who want a toy that comes as close to the real thing as possible.

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