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Experience a Filling Pleasure with an Inflatable Butt Plug

Inflatable butt plugs remain a mystery for many people but they really shouldn’t. Some see them as hardcore toys but these can simply provide another dimension to anal play.

If you’re already used to a regular butt plug or an anal vibrator, the inflatable butt plug would be the next one to try. Using a small pump, you can inflate the butt plug and increase its size when it’s already inside. This results in a controllable expansion that’s pleasurable for people who are already too used to a smaller anal toy.

Inflatable Butt Plug FAQ

What Does the Inflatable Butt Plug Feel Like?

To get the full experience, make sure that the butt plug is fully inserted (up to the flared base). This is important because a halfway insertion will cause the toy to pop out once you start pumping.

The inflatable butt plug feels like a regular toy for anal play. Once you start inflating, however, you’ll get a whole different experience. The feeling of the toy growing inside the rectum will potentially be foreign at first but once you get used, it will become pleasurable.

With inflatable sex toys, you can reach a certain level of expansion and deflate before starting again. Thus, the way in which the toy works can really prolong anal play.

What Are Some Usage Recommendations?

If you don’t have experience with an inflatable anal plug, do have a partner join you. The pump is attached to the butt plug itself. Thus, you may find it difficult to keep on inflating the sex toy, especially when you become properly aroused.

Also, don’t go all the way the first few times you give it a try.

Most people who have tried an inflatable anal plug confirm that a small press of the pump can result in a big expansion.

What Are Some Benefits of Using an Inflatable Butt Plug?

For a start, you have flexibility in size and you’re in full control.

Also, the inflatable butt plug is exceptional for use during sex. When it’s larger, it will amplify the sensations felt during vaginal penetration. At the same time, it’s flexible, which eliminates the risk of unpleasant sensations (that some women may experience during sex with a larger anal toy is in place).

How Should an Inflatable Anal Plug be Cleaned?

Cleaning and sanitizing an inflatable butt plug comes with its specifics.

If the toy has a vibrating unit, detach that before washing. Remove the pump bulb and the tube. Wash them with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Next, you need to wash the toy itself the same way. Depending on the material they’re made of, some inflatable anal plugs can be boiled every once in a while.

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