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Inflatable Butt Plugs

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When you experiment with anal play and are looking for something to stretch your limits, look no further than an inflatable plug. These can be inflated to the size you are comfortable with, and our collection features many exciting options.

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Stretch Your Limits with Inflatable Butt Plugs

Would you like to experience the kind of stretch a regular butt plug can’t give you? In that case, you need an inflatable butt plug. Once in place, the plug can be inflated to increase its size exponentially. You will get an extreme stretch. Also, you’re in full control of how far you’d like to go. An inflatable butt plug is the next level of anal play and if you’re heavily into butt stuff, that’s the kind of sex toy to test out.

Inflatable butt plugs can have distinctive shapes and designs – the classic butt plug isn’t the only option. At HotCherry, you’ll find vibrating inflatable butt plugs, prostate massagers or toys shaped like expandable anal beads. We also feature various high quality materials. If you prefer something stiffer, choose a product made of PVC. Medical-grade silicone gives you a bit more flexibility.

An Inflatable Butt Plug Stimulates the Most Sensitive Spots

Obviously, the stretch that an inflatable butt plug produces is the one feature that most people want to experience. But it’s not the only reason why such anal toys are so great. When they expand, inflatable butt plugs can massage various sensitive areas and erogenous zones. They can press against the prostate, producing a powerful orgasm that’s simply incomparable to any other kind of climax. Ladies can get some G-spot stimulation, especially if the inflatable butt plug has a slight curve.

Inflatable plugs are completely safe and very enjoyable, regardless of the fact that many people consider them a kink or a fetish-type of sex toy. This doesn’t have to be the case. An inflatable butt plug can be a part of any type of sex or masturbation because it ensures a lot of flexibility.

You or your partner will decide just how much the plug will be inflated. And if you feel that you’re stretching your limits way too much, there’s a quick release valve. Once employed, it returns the plug to its original size in a matter of seconds.

While an inflatable plug shouldn’t be your first anal toy, beads or classic butt plugs are a much better choice, inflatable butt plugs are great for people who are serious about anal play. This kind of toy can be inflated and deflated several times during sex. This way, it will prolong the experience, intensify the pleasure and contribute to mind-blowing orgasms in the end.

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