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Fifty Shades Of Grey Silicone Ben Wa BallsFifty Shades Of Grey Silicone Ben Wa Balls
Double Kegel Balls - Set of 3Double Kegel Balls - Set of 3
Svakom Silicone Ben Wa BallsSvakom Silicone Ben Wa Balls
We-vibe Discover Gift BoxWe-vibe Discover Gift Box
Aneros Evi Kegel StrengthenerAneros Evi Kegel Strengthener
Save 42%
Lelo LUNA Ben Wa BallsLelo LUNA Ben Wa Balls
Lelo LUNA Ben Wa Balls
$61.99 $106.99
Save 30%
Yany Metal Kegel BallsYany Metal Kegel Balls
Yany Metal Kegel Balls
$69.99 $99.99
Save 33%
Satisfyer Single Kegel Balls - Set of 3Satisfyer Single Kegel Balls - Set of 3
Pipedream Kinky Ben Wa BallsPipedream Kinky Ben Wa Balls
Metalic Weighted Ben Wa BallsMetalic Weighted Ben Wa Balls
Save 49%
Geisha Balls Magnetic Ben Wa BallsGeisha Balls Magnetic Ben Wa Balls
Save 25%
Fifty Shades Of Grey Silver Ben Wa BallsFifty Shades Of Grey Silver Ben Wa Balls
Fifty Shades Of Grey Pleasure Ben Wa BallsFifty Shades Of Grey Pleasure Ben Wa Balls
Save 32%
Fifty Shades Of Grey Kegel Ball SetFifty Shades Of Grey Kegel Ball Set
Save 19%
Fetish Fantasy Silver Ben Wa BallsFetish Fantasy Silver Ben Wa Balls
Save 35%
Fetish Fantasy Metal Ben Wa BallsFetish Fantasy Metal Ben Wa Balls
Save 40%
Climax Ben Wa Balls With StringClimax Ben Wa Balls With String
Save 37%
We-vibe Bloom Vibrating Ben Wa BallsWe-vibe Bloom Vibrating Ben Wa Balls
Adam & Eve Glass Ben Wa BallsAdam & Eve Glass Ben Wa Balls

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Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor for Stronger Orgasms with Ben Wa Balls

Ben wa balls, kegel balls, kegel beads – all of these terms refer to the same product. When inserted in the vagina, ben wa balls can be used to do kegel exercises, strengthening the pelvic floor and leading to more satisfying sex.

The ben wa ball is a must-have for every lady interested in better sex (just like the bullet vibrator and the good, old dildo). Every woman can benefit from kegel exercises – those who are in relationship, those who have gone through childbirth, older ladies. Ben wa balls are very easy to use and there’s a huge variety to choose from.

Ben Wa Balls FAQ

How Should I Choose Ben Wa Balls?

Ben wa balls are made of various materials and they come in different sizes.

If you’ve never used kegel balls before, choose smaller and lighter ones. These will be the easiest ones to hold in until your muscle tone improves.

Some sets consist of several balls, each one with specific dimensions. If you’re serious about using ben wa balls and achieving progress in the long run, this is the right product for you.

How Do I Use Ben Wa Balls?

Always wash your hands thoroughly before getting started and make sure your ben wa balls have been sanitized.

Apply a lot of water-based lube to the vaginal opening before you lie down on the bed and get comfy. Gently and slowly, insert the first ball. Ben wa balls usually come in sets and they could be connected. Push them as far inside as you feel comfortable.

Now that the balls are in place, tighten your pelvic floor muscles (the ones you use to stop the stream of urine when you pee). Hold the contraction for five seconds and release. Start with a set of five and as your muscles grow stronger, increase the number of repetitions.

Can I Use the Ben Wa Balls for Pleasure?


Moving ben wa balls in and out of the vagina can result in really pleasurable sensations, regardless of the fact they’re not created to be used like other sex toys for women.

Can I Use Ben Wa Balls during Sex?

Having the ben wa balls in you for some time before enjoying sex can increase your arousal. Just make sure they’re out of the way before enjoying penetration.

Keeping the ben wa balls in during anal sex or the insertion of an anal toy can also be highly pleasurable, making the experience a lot more intense.

Do understand the fact that ben wa balls should never be inserted in the anus – since they’re not created for anal stimulation, they can cause discomfort.

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