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Enhance the Sensation with a Good Sex Lube

Sex is always more fun with the right lube. It doesn’t matter if you’re being with a partner or exploring your body on your own. Adding just a tiny amount of a favorite lube will give you more pleasure, enhanced sensations and a chance to experiment with stuff you probably haven’t tried before. There are lubes for all kinds of play and picking one is simply a matter of deciding what you need the most.

Lubes are divided in several categories – water-based, silicone-based, oil-based, flavored and enhancing. These are just a few general product groups. At HotCherry, you’ll find all of these options and a few additional choices like erotic massage oils and cum lubes. Please go through the descriptions carefully to discover what use each one is intended for and how to make the most of it.

Lubricants are Must Have for Better Sex

Did you know that lube increases sexual satisfaction? Good lubes for sex adds much-needed slipperiness for easier and more pleasant penetration. The product isn’t reserved only for those experiencing dryness due to menopause, pregnancy or hormonal issues. A little bit of enhancement in the lubrication department can be surprisingly good for everyone.

Needless to say, lube is something you can’t go without if you’re trying anal sex or you’re playing with a favorite penetrative toy. Lubes have become specialized over the years to correspond to the specific kind of sex you want to use them for. Water-based lubes are the ones that feel the closest to the body’s natural moisture. This is why many women and their partners prefer such lubes for vaginal sex or the use of sex toys. Water-based lubes are compatible with all sex toy materials, which makes them incredibly popular.

Those seeking long-lasting lubrication usually opt for silicone-based lubes. These are also considered a better choice for anal sex. Keep in mind, however, that silicone lube cannot be used with silicone toys. It will cause the material to disintegrate. The other choices mentioned in the introduction are ideal for specific experiences. Tingling, cooling and warming lubes can bring on some really intriguing sensations you wouldn’t get to experience otherwise. Cum lube is amazing addition to squirting dildos. Not only does the product lubricate, it also looks and feels like actual cum. The purpose of massage oils is also easy to understand. Edible lubes can be a lot of fun for oral sex or massages. Once you’re done with touching each other, you can simply lick the yumminess away.

Lube is affordable, easy to find and a ton of fun. If you’ve never tried it before, you’ve missed on a chance to make your sex life better. Don’t hesitate to explore such products and you can thank us later!