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Earthly Body Hemp Seed Body & Massage OilEarthly Body Hemp Seed Body & Massage Oil
Earthly Body Hemp Seed Body & Massage Oil
Sale priceFrom $5.99 Regular price$6.99
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Id Juicy High Performance Flavored LubricantId Juicy High Performance Flavored Lubricant
Id Juicy High Performance Flavored Lubricant
Sale price$15.99 Regular price$18.99
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Id Frutopia Flavored Natural LubricantId Frutopia Flavored Natural Lubricant
Id Frutopia Flavored Natural Lubricant
Sale price$11.99 Regular price$16.99
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Intimate Earth Natural Flavors GlideIntimate Earth Natural Flavors Glide
Intimate Earth Natural Flavors Glide
Sale priceFrom $10.99 Regular price$16.99
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Dame Alu Water-Based Personal LubricantDame Alu Water-Based Personal Lubricant
Dame Alu Water-Based Personal Lubricant
Sale price$18.99 Regular price$25.99
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Sensuva Natural Water-Based Personal MoisturizerSensuva Natural Water-Based Personal Moisturizer
Sensuva Natural Water-Based Personal Moisturizer
Sale priceFrom $1.99 Regular price$13.99
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Wicked Sensual Care Hybrid Water & Silicone LubricantWicked Sensual Care Hybrid Water & Silicone Lubricant
Wicked Sensual Care Hybrid Water & Silicone Lubricant
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Swiss Navy Lube SiliconeSwiss Navy Lube Silicone
Swiss Navy Lube Silicone
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Pjur Original Silicone Personal LubricantPjur Original Silicone Personal Lubricant
Pjur Original Silicone Personal Lubricant
Sale priceFrom $13.99 Regular price$189.99
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Make Each Occasion More Pleasurable with a Lubricant

Even if you get properly aroused and you don’t experience vaginal dryness, there are a million other reasons to start using a lubricant.

Lubricants are an absolute essential with most sex toy types – from anal vibrators to suction cup dildos. On top of making penetration easier, lubricants can do a couple of other great things. Some lubricants contain stimulating ingredients that intensify sensations. Some are created to make the sphincter relax naturally, facilitating penetration and making it feel much better than ever before.

Lubricants FAQ

What Type of Lube Should I Buy?

When choosing lubricants, make sure they’re right for the kind of sex you plan to have. Also, a lubricant should be compatible with the material that your sex toy is made of.

Water-based lubricants are tolerated well and they’re suitable for use with most sex toy varieties. They’re also compatible with condoms.

Silicone-based lube is great for those who have sensitive skin but it’s not compatible with silicone toys. Oil-based lubes don’t dry out, which means you’ll be free from having to reapply. These lubes, however, are not compatible with latex condoms and they could ruin your sheets.

What Are Natural Lubes?

Products like the Sliquid lubricants are advertised as natural. They often contain plant-based and organic ingredients like aloe vera and natural oils.

If you are into natural and organic choices, opt for such a formulation. Don’t replace it with an oil like coconut or argan oil. Using just oil has been linked to condom breakage and a risk of bacterial cross-contamination.

What Is a Lubricant Launcher?

Lubricant launchers, as the name suggests, make it easy to apply lube right where it’s needed.

Also known as lube shooters, these products enable you to get lube deeper in the vagina or rectum. In essence, this is a lube syringe or injector. There’s typically a bulb you have to squeeze to get the lubricant deeper inside you.

Lube launchers offer convenience and they help you make sure that you have a liberal amount of lubricant applied to the place that’s going to be penetrated.

Do I Need a Special Kind of Lubricant for Anal Sex?

Certain lubricant varieties are marketed especially for anal sex. Choosing such a product makes it easier for you to confirm that you have the right kind of lube for comfortable, pain-free and exciting anal penetration.

Water-based lubricants are always a good choice because they will not ruin your condom or your sex toy.

Generally speaking, you need a thicker product that’s also long-lasting so that you’ll be free from having to reapply often.