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O-Ring Gags

Get Kinky with an O-Ring Gag

An O-ring gag is the ultimate oral sex accessory. It brings a degree of power play that immediately spices up the experience. The thought of effortless access is a massive turn, and that idea can quickly be brought to reality with the right gag.

While O-ring gags have long been considered a niche, fetish item, they’ve become mainstream today. This is a very simple piece you can get to dabble in BDSM. And if you like the new sex dynamics, you can quickly move on to something bigger and naughtier.

Our O-ring gag collection combines elegant, functional designs and high-quality materials. We have silicone ring gags, lips gags, metal ring gags, gag and nipple clamp combos, spider gags, and more. Each of these designs can deliver a specific experience. Learn more about the features and think of the sex activities you enjoy the most. We also have buying guides to acquaint you with essential features and specs.