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Anal Beads

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The anal beads enhance pleasure and allow you to experiment during anal play. These also amplify the orgasm and are a novel item for many who enjoy anal play. Our anal beads collection offers a broad range of models with different features.

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Make Your Orgasms Tremendous with Anal Beads

Are you seeking an orgasm like no other? If so, you need to try anal beads. Created back in 500AD, anal beads a classic sex toy and a must-have. They’re a wonderful option for experiments with anal play and they’re much less threatening than other anal toys. In addition, beads can contribute to a very strong orgasm during sex or masturbation, as long as they’re pulled out shortly before climaxing. Anal beads can be small, they could be getting progressively bigger or they could even vibrate. They’re a staple piece you can combine with some other sex toys such as clitoral vibrators, G-spot vibrators, dildos and even sex toys for couples.

While the toy’s a classic, HotCherry gives you access to a number of modern versions. We have beads made of high quality materials like medical-grade silicone. You’ll also find diversified training kits, vibrating beads, power balls (the big cousin of traditional beads), glass beads, prostate kits and various others.

Anal Beads Are Naughty and Pleasurable

The feeling of using anal beads can hardly be compared to any other sexual experience. While they’re fun to put in, the real magic happens when they’re slowly taken out before an orgasm. Trust us, you’ll see fireworks like you haven’t before. And if you combine anal beads with another toy like a clitoral stimulator, for example, you’ll achieve intensity that you wouldn’t have considered possible.

Anal beads can be small and non-threatening or better suited to the needs of advanced anal players. Most have a design that gets progressively bigger with each next sphere. This design allows for the pleasure to build up and explode in the right moment.

Good anal beads have been created both for pleasure and safety. They’re cast in a way that makes the detachment of a sphere impossible. Also, they have a flared base for added safety. That’s a feature you should be looking for in all your anal toys. Otherwise, your rectum could suck the item up and that wouldn’t be a fun experience.

Anal beads give you a chance to start with a classic or test out a more advanced piece. Vibrating beads are always fun because they’ll add a whole new sensual level to sex. Glass beads could also be worth exploring. Unlike silicone sets, these are completely rigid. The lack of flexibility makes the experience completely different. Not only that, glass is a material that enables temperature play. Heat it up or cool it down – the change in temperature will get you hot and bothered like never before.

You don’t have to be an anal sex power player in order to try beads. They’re super fun for everyone – couples, singles, straight and gay people. For many, they’re an entryway into the world of anal play. If you like what you’re getting from this toy, you can easily add more butt stuff to your collection.

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