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10 Best Anal Beads Reviewed

10 Best Anal Beads Reviewed

Editorial Team |

Some toys are perfectly suited to those first experiments in the world of anal play. Nothing performs better than anal beads when it comes to pleasure and a bit of anal training at the same time.

Anal beads have been around for centuries but luckily, they’ve seen a bit of much-needed modernization in this day and age.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the best options that the market has to offer. Worry not, we’ve featured both affordable and more premium choices to accommodate for everyone’s needs. When reviewing, we paid attention to quality, the reputation of the manufacturer, innovation and what actual customers had to say about the toy.

Based on all these considerations, we created our top 10 list. Hopefully, it will give you enough information to make up your mind and choose the perfect set of anal beads.

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Our 10 Best Anal Beads

Top 5 Anal Beads Over $50

Superb 9.7

#1 FemmeFunn Vibrating Anal Beads

This set of vibrating and very flexible beads is a great choice for both beginners and more experienced users. It’s crafted from high quality silicone that’s completely bodysafe and very easy to use. The ergonomic base handle is another important feature that maximizes safety and also makes taking the beads out fairly simple. Choose among the 20 vibration speeds and settings for a bit of added intensity and more powerful orgasms. In fact, the anal bead vibrations are so powerful that they can deliver some G-spot stimulation when inserted. The toy’s design also makes it a good choice for pegging and prostate massages. Your anal beads are powered by a rechargeable battery (USB charging cable included in the kit). Adjustments are made via the push button at the base of the toy.


  • Beautiful, ergonomic design is highly pleasurable
  • Well-made, silky smooth and versatile
  • Vibrations are highly pleasurable


  • On the expensive side
  • Not as long as some other anal bead sets
  • Flexibility is also a bit limited

Superb 9.3

#2 B-Vibe Triplet Remote Control Anal Bead

If you’re looking for the perfect hybrid between a butt plug and anal beads, you’ve just discovered it. The B-Vibe anal beads bring together the best of both worlds. You’ll get sensibly sized spheres that get progressively bigger and that are perfect for some anal training. The toy is also capable of six vibration intensities and 15 patterns for added fun and truly intensified experiences. Just like all other premium anal toys, this one is crafted from silky smooth silicone. Fully waterproof, the anal beads are a great addition to erotic shower experiences and they’re also very easy to clean. An ergonomic flared base makes removal easy and it also ensures a good grip. The toy is provided with a wireless remote control for effortless vibration pattern adjustments.


  • Beautiful design, easy to use
  • Vibrations are powerful enough to intensify pleasure
  • Very easy to clean
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Quite expensive in comparison to other anal beads
  • On the shorter side
  • Limited flexibility

Fabulous 8.7

#3 Vedo Earth Quaker Anal Vibrator

There’s a reason why this toy is called Earth Quaker. It’s definite to rock your world with the fun graduated design and the numerous vibration patterns. The silicone beads are completely non-porous and waterproof. You can have a lot of shower fun, after which the beads will be so easy to clean. The toy is powered by a strong internal motor that can produce 12 speed and intensity settings. These are very easy to switch between via the push button at the base of the toy. Speaking of the base, it is ergonomic and flared for added safety. The handle is designed in a way to make both insertion and removal effortless. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the anal beads can be used for full two hours before running out of juice. The kit features a USB cable for effortless recharging before your next steamy session.


  • Beautiful design and solid construction
  • Great for intermediate and more experienced users
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly design
  • Reliable and very long-lived


  • More expensive than non-vibrating toys
  • Vibrations are more powerful at base, not even throughout

Fabulous 8.5

#4 Shots Ouch Silicone Rechargeable Anal Set

If you’re looking for the whole shebang, try this fun kit of five anal training toys. You’ll get two regular butt plugs and three beaded toys plus a powerful vibrating bullet. The 10-speed vibe is compatible with all of the toys in the kit, helping you get accustomed to anal penetration and making it incredibly enjoyable. The toys themselves vary in both length and diameter, which means you’ll enjoy a ton of versatility with every single experience. Your kit is crafted from silky smooth silicone for the safest and most enjoyable experience. A rechargeable battery powers the vibrator and the kit also comes with a USB charger. Charging takes about two hours, giving you 45 minutes of uninterrupted fun. Since all items in the kit are fully waterproof, you can have a bit of shower fun and you’ll also benefit from effortless cleaning when done.


  • An entire kit for anal training
  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Good for beginners
  • Very versatile and pleasurable


  • On the expensive side (in comparison to individual beads)
  • Classic anal beads (long) aren’t featured in the kit

Fabulous 8.2

#5 Master Series Vibrating Deluxe Voodoo Beads

Look at this black beauty and imagine everything you could be doing with it. The design is specifically chosen to ensure effortless anal training, even if you’ve never done it before. The beads at the top are pretty small and the ones at the bottom ensure more of a stretch. The entire thing is crafted from high quality silicone that feels silky smooth. In addition, you’ll benefit from three vibration speeds and patters that are effortless to control via buttons at the base of the toy. You’ll get to benefit from a rechargeable battery that powers the toy for sufficiently long uninterrupted fun. A USB charging cable is provided in the kit. Since the toy is made of silicone, it’s completely waterproof for effortless and proper cleaning.


  • Design is good for beginners and more experienced players
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Easy to use and handle


  • Not as long as other anal beads
  • Somewhat limited flexibility
  • No flared base – should be handled carefully

Top 5 Anal Beads Under $50

Superb 9.8

#1 Booty Bling Silicone Anal Beads

A bejeweled sex toy can always feel you glitzy and glamorous. This one isn’t an exception. The Booty Bling anal beads have a slim and user-friendly design, perfect for beginners. The large, flared and bejeweled base is both beautiful to look at and very functional. Made of silky smooth silicone, the beads feel great when being put in or taken out. This material is fully waterproof, which guarantees effortless cleaning. Also, the material is firm enough to feel exceptional while also having a bit of flexibility. In addition to being practical, the design is highly attractive. The beautiful base can turn into the perfect addition to a role play or fetish act. It’s up to you and your partner to decide how you’re making the most of this item.


  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Small, great for beginners but feels good
  • Can be worn for prolonged periods
  • Easy to clean


  • Too small for more advanced users
  • Length is also minimal
  • Less flexible than longer sets of anal beads

Superb 9.5

#2 Satisfyer Soft Silicone Beads

Satisfyer gives you two amazing varieties of anal beads to choose among – there’s a traditional spherical beads choice and pyramid-shaped beads for some added intensity. You will get five graduated beads, giving you the freedom to insert as many or as few as you like. The toy comes with a flexible hook at the base for safety and for the effortless removal of the item. Super soft and smooth, the beads are made of medical-grade silicone. This is one of the sex toy materials that feel exceptional and that are effortless to clean. Since silicone is waterproof, the beads can be submerged in a cleaning solution and they’re also ideal for bathtub or shower fun. This particular set gives you one of the best price to quality ratios that the market currently has to offer.


  • Ideal for beginners and for anal training
  • Super smooth silicone
  • Pyramid-shaped beads feel really exceptional
  • Excellent price to quality ratio


  • On the smaller side for more advanced users
  • Pyramid-shaped design not everyone’s cup of tea

Superb 9.0

#3 Coco Licious Soft Silicone Anal Beads

With four graduated beads, you get more than enough to experiment with and enjoy. You will get tapered beads crafted from silky-smooth, high quality silicone. Pliable yet fairly durable, these anal beads can easily turn into a go-to item. The design’s simplicity and streamlined silhouette also make the set of beads very easy to clean and sanitize. For even more practical appeal, the set comes with a flexible ring at the bottom that ensures effortless removal. You can choose between two beautiful colors – a classic black or a hot pink. Since you get four beads of different sizes, the item is equally suitable for beginners and for more experienced anal players. The design has also been selected to benefit any gender as the beads can easily reach the prostate or ensure a bit of G-spot stimulation through anal insertion.


  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Smooth and silky silicone
  • Practical design, easy to remove
  • Easy to clean


  • Less flexible than other anal bead sets
  • Not as long as some users may wish
  • Great for beginners, not so much for experienced users

Fabulous 8.8

#4 Eclipse Slender Vibrating Anal Beads

Anyone looking for reasonably priced vibrating anal beads will fall in love with this Eclipse set. The slim design is especially chosen for beginners in the world of anal pleasure and training. There are four reasonably sized beads. The tip is slightly elongated, which makes it a great choice for prostate stimulation. There’s also a flared base that ensures safe use and easy insertion or removal. As far as vibrations go, you have 12 settings to experiment with and enjoy. A powerful motor is located in the tip of the toy, guaranteeing powerful vibrations from top to bottom. There’s also a memory chip in the item, allowing you to resume sexy fun where you stopped the last time around. Discrete and small, the anal beads also have a travel lock for added practicality.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Great for beginners due to slim design
  • Powerful vibrations
  • A number of cool features (travel lock, memory chip)


  • Not as long as some other anal beads
  • On the stiffer side
  • Design could be too slim for advanced users

Fabulous 8.6

#5 Blush Luxe Be Me 3

Don’t be fooled by the cute appearance of Blush Luxe Be Me 3. This is an anal toy you’ll definitely feel. Graduated beads ensure gentle stretch at first and a sense of delicious fullness when you reach the last one. The fact that the set consists of three beads makes it great for beginners. There’s also an anchor base for added safety and effortless manipulations. These anal beads are made out of super smooth silicone for added pleasure and easy insertion. Silicone is also a waterproof material, which makes cleaning the beads a breeze. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced anal toy to try for the very first time, you’ll be happy with what these beads have to offer. Choose among two beautiful varieties – a classic black or a girly pink one.


  • Great design for beginners
  • Smooth silicone, feels really good
  • Very easy to clean
  • Excellent price to quality ratio


  • On the shorter side (only three beads)
  • A bit less flexible than some other items

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Shopping for Anal Beads

Anal beads are such a simple and straightforward toy, aren’t they? Well, this isn’t exactly the case. If you do a bit of research, you’ll come across so many variations that your head will start spinning.

Just like in the case of all other sex toys, the quality of anal beads is determined by various important considerations. The most important things to check out include:

Material: If you’ve read some of our product guides already, you know that the material a sex toy is made of happens to be the most important thing to check out. Look for non-porous materials that don’t contain harmful chemicals like phthalates. Anal beads can be made of medical-grade silicone, which is definitely THE number one choice. Some kinds of plastics are also safe. One more thing to pay attention to is the string that connects the beads together. Avoid nylon because the quality isn’t optimal this way and the set of beads can become really difficult to clean. You can easily find anal beads that are entirely crafted of silicone or another non-porous material (including the connections between the individual spheres).

Length and safety considerations: Going longer is usually better because you’ll enjoy a lot of versatility this way. The anal beads give you a chance to customize your experience. It’s up to you to decide how much you’re going to insert. Having a longer item simply gives you a lot more versatility and a chance to experiment with what you like. When it comes to safety, always seek anal beads that have a flared base or a large ring you can use for the extraction of the toy. In the absence of a flared base, anal beads can easily get sucked up inside your body. Not only is such an incident uncomfortable and embarrassing, it can also lead to an ER visit.

Bead size: The size of the beads usually starts off smaller and increases going down the length of the toy. Some anal beads, however, will feature the exact same sphere size from top to bottom. It’s a good idea to start out with modest anal beads before moving on to bigger toys. Modest anal items will give you a chance to experiment and decide if you like this kind of play. If you’re into it, you can go bigger for your next purchase. Being an over-achiever and striving for too big right off the bat can make the experience unpleasant and even painful, turning you away from anal play forever.

Flexibility: Anal beads can be crafted of highly flexible materials like silicone or completely inflexible choices like glass. Beginners find flexible anal beads easier to use. The stiffness of materials like glass and metal, however, could add another dimension to the experience. If you’ve never tried out anal toys before, start out with a flexible toy. It will give you more control and personalization. When you feel comfortable with such beads, you can experiment with a more intriguing and somewhat more challenging choice like glass.

Additional features: You didn’t know that modern anal beads could do some stuff on top of being fun to insert, did you? Well, some anal beads can vibrate in rhythmical patterns. Choosing such a product is a definite way to enhance your orgasm. If you want vibrating anal beads, pay attention to the settings, the type of controller (a wireless remote would be best) and the kid of battery that powers the entire thing. Rechargeable is most practical and it makes the most financial sense.

Beads for prostate stimulation: Some kinds of anal beads are created especially for the needs of prostate owners. When the prostate is massaged in the correct way, it can produce mind-blowing orgasms. This is why it’s called the P-spot. Some kinds of anal beads are especially designed for the needs of guys. These items are usually shorter and less flexible to produce targeted stimulation. Adding vibrations to the mix is also a good idea for the ultimate experience.

Beaded butt plugs: A beaded butt plug is a sub-category of anal beads. This is a fairly short toy with just a few beads. It’s perfect for beginners and for those interested in comfortable and readily accessible anal training. Sometimes, products are comprised of an entire kit – a butt plug, a shorter and a longer anal bead seat. If you’re seeking out the most diversified experience out there, considering such a kit may be a good idea. It will definitely be more affordable than buying each of the items individually.

Ease of cleaning and storage: Finally, pay attention to manufacturer instructions pertaining to the cleaning and maintenance of your anal beads. The design of the toy should make sanitization easy. Waterproof anal beads are probably the easiest ones to clean because they can be soaked in a mild detergent. Once cleaned and properly dried, anal beads should be easy to store. Look for an item that comes with its individual pouch – this is typically the most sanitary and convenient storage option.

Why Should You Buy Good Anal Beads

Anal beads may seem like such a simple sex toy. After all, there isn’t a lot to them – just a few spheres connected to each other. The truth of the matter is, however, that even simple items can be made completely wrong.

Quality is something you should never make a compromise with when buying sex toys.

Poorly made anal beads can jeopardize your wellbeing in more than one way.

For a start, the spheres could feature imperfections and edges that will reduce the pleasure of insertion. A weak link between the beads can also lead to troubles, especially if anal beads break apart in the heat of the moment.

The quality of the material that anal beads are crafted from matters, as well. You don’t want dangerous plastics and chemicals coming anywhere near your body (not to mention inside of it).

Porous materials (like some kinds of very soft and pliable plastics) can be made with harmful chemicals like phthalates. These are endocrine distributors and prolonged use may lead to some health problems. Always look for medical-grade silicone or other materials that haven’t been treated with chemicals. Usually, these are also non-porous, which means they’re not going to harbor bacteria and dust.

If you actually possess a porous sex toy or one that isn’t made of an optimal material, you can still use it. The only condition is to put a condom on the toy every single time and to still clean it thoroughly after each use. Some people, however, find this to be too much of a hassle. This is why they’d quickly replace low quality anal beads with something better.

Going through our list of top 10 products in the category, you’ve probably noticed that anal beads don’t have to be expensive in order to give you a good experience. Some of the best products on the market right now cost 20 dollars or even less. Hence, there really is no reason to buy inferior and questionable options when you could trust some of the best brands without having to spend a ton.

If you don’t need vibrations and extra settings, you can find really affordable anal beads that are made of premium materials. Our top 10 ranking features a few such items and you can certainly discover additional options if you do some more research on your own.

Don’t hesitate to ask manufacturers questions and to make sure that the product you’re getting is corresponding to what you need. Also, it may be a good idea to postpone the purchase and save enough money for the specific item that’s perfect for you. Spending a bit more will usually give you a much better return on investment by prolonging the lifespan of your anal beads.

Final Words

Anal beads rank among the most versatile and exciting sex toys. Let’s face it – anyone who is curious about anal play has considered getting at least one set of those.

Luckily, there are so many choices today. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for big or small, vibrating or minimalist. You’ll come across a couple of products that fulfill all of your requirements and ensure a perfect sexy experience every single time.

While anal beads are fairly uncomplicated, their design has evolved through the decades. Today, you can discover many options that weren’t available previously. It’s really up to you to decide if you’re going to stick with the classics or go for a more innovative and streamlined kind of anal beads.

What matters the most is taking your time to research and decide what you’d like to get. Each design ensures a highly specific experience, which is why you shouldn’t rush the purchase.

Do your homework and also consider your sexual preferences. If you’re a guy looking for prostate stimulation, you’ll need one kind of you. If you’re a woman who’s about to get started with anal training, the anal beads for you will be quite different. Our top 10 list is a good way to explore the options that the market has to offer. And if you need even more variety than that, you can check out the entire HotCherry anal beads category. You’ll be impressed by all of the choices and the intriguing designs.

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