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PVC Dildos

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PVC dildos provide fantastic realism – these feel lifelike to the touch. We carry a lot of PVC dildo options with realistic texture, suction cups, and more.

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Get Next-Level Realism with a PVC Dildo

What’s your main priority when doing dildo shopping? Are you looking for realism? If so, a PVC dildo is an excellent choice. Super affordable and even more flesh-like, these dildos quickly become staple pieces for all experience levels.

PVC is a very popular kind of manmade material that’s used in so many aspects of manufacturing. In sex toys, PVC contributes to items that feel and look incredibly realistic. When the right design and texture are added to the mix, PVC dildos feel like the real thing. The material allows for much versatility.

PVC dildos can feature a vibrating bullet or a suction cup base. They could be hollow or made to ejaculate, delivering some real action in addition to the appearance. The flesh-like feel of the material is incredibly non-threatening, and it feels awesome. Just look for the right size, as some PVC dildos are pretty big and created for the needs of more experienced players. In terms of size, girth is much more important than length as it determines how manageable the dildo will be.

With PVC, you get relatively easy maintenance. PVC dildos are compatible with soap, sex toy cleaners, and can be sanitized using UV light sanitizer, giving you effortless cleaning. You can use water and silicone-based lubes – another excellent benefit that makes such dildos perfect for all kinds of sexual experiences – vaginal, anal or oral.

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