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Jeweled Butt Plugs

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A jewel butt plug is simply sexy and exciting. In our collections, you'll find a great selection of jewel butt plugs, including silicone jewel plugs, training kits with gemstones that feature multiple plugs, metal and glass plugs with gems, and so much more.

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Sparkle Like a Star with Jewel Butt Plugs

Sensuality isn’t just about experience, it’s also about looks. To get something that feels amazing and looks even more awesome, try a jewel butt plug. The toy will stimulate you, teasing all of those nerve endings in a delicious way. The bejeweled base will remain visible, making you feel super sexy and getting your partner to want you even more. Just knowing that the bejeweled base is showing will add a whole new dimension to using a plug.

Jewel butt plugs can have various other great qualities. HotCherry you'll find a great selection of jewel butt plug including silicone jewel plugs, training kits with gem stones that feature multiple plugs (growing in size), metal and glass plugs with gems and so much more. All of these toys work incredibly well and they look like actual pieces of jewelry. No matter which one you choose, you’ll definitely be adding a bit of luxury and sparkle to your sex toy collection.

A Jeweled Butt Plug Is Fun and Naughty

Imagine wearing a bejeweled butt plug outside or maybe even to the office! Apart from feeling the gentle stretch, you’ll also be aroused by the fact that such an accessory is adorning your body. There really is no need for anyone to see it. Knowing what you’re wearing will give you that super-hot sensation all of us want to experience.

A jewel butt plug is simply fun and exciting. You can use it to put on a show for your lover. You can wear it to boost your confidence and get more in touch with your sexuality. And if you choose the right variety, you’ll definitely experience a ton of pleasure on top of the other benefits.

Medical-grade silicone plugs are always a safe choice. They feel good, they give you a bit of flexibility. On top of that, silicone is non-porous and very easy to clean. It’s one of the safest materials and it will also give you longevity.

Those seeking a different sensation should try metal or glass jewel plugs. These anal toys are quite hefty. The weight itself will be stimulating, contributing to the stretch. In addition, such plugs allow for temperature play. The added element of heat or coldness will stimulate all of your senses and give you something really new.

And those who are very serious about anal play should definitely consider an entire kit made of jewel butt plugs. These anal training kits consists of two, three or even more pieces that progressively get longer and/or thicker. Having some additional stretch with each new toy you try will increase variety and get you to test out how far you’d like to take your anal experiments.

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