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BootySparks Emerald Gem Anal Plug SetBootySparks Emerald Gem Anal Plug Set
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Anni Heart Princess PlugAnni Heart Princess Plug
Shots Ouch Diamond Anal PlugShots Ouch Diamond Anal Plug

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Add a Bit of Bling with a Jewel Butt Plug

If gemstones are your thing and love a some sparkle, a jewel butt plug is right up your alley.

Beautiful to look at and functional, jewel plugs add a visual dimension to anal play. Whether you’re enjoying the toy on your own or with your partner, the extra bit of sparkle will really elevate the mood.

Jeweled butt plugs are made of various materials – there are glass butt plugs, silicone butt plugs, and several other varieties. You can also choose between several sizes, depending on your anal play experience level.

Jewel Butt Plugs FAQ

Is a Jewel Butt Plug Safe?

The safety of sex toys depends on buying high-quality items and using those in the correct way.

A diamond jewel butt plug is to be used like any other kind of anal toy. Start with a smaller toy, lube it up and go slow.

The jewels themselves (whether gemstones or another kind of decoration) will have no effect on anal play because they’re on the outside of the flared base. These are incorporated in the design for aesthetic appeal only.

What Are Common Sizes for Gemstone Butt Plugs (and How Do I Choose the One for Me)?

Gemstone butt plugs vary in length from two to over six inches. The length, however, isn’t the determining factor for anal play. The thickness is more important as pleasure results from the insertion and the stimulation of the sphincter muscles.

If you’re a beginner, choose a diamond jewel butt plug that’s about two inches in girth. Gradually, you can add thicker items to your sex toy collection.

Can the Jewels Come Loose?

High-quality diamond butt plugs have the gems or decorative stones sealed. The same is true for butt plugs containing other gem stones like ruby or amethyst. It’s very unlikely for them to come undone or become chipped during anal play. Still, you may want to check your sex toys and make sure they are intact before engaging in anal play.

Are Jeweled Sex Toys Compatible with Lube?

A lubricant is an absolute must when you’re engaging in anal play. Jeweled plugs are crafted from materials that are compatible with at least a few common lubricant types.

To select the right lube, you should know what material your jewel butt plug is made of. Water-based lubricants can be used with almost all kinds of sex toys. If your butt plug is made of medical-grade silicone, avoid silicone-based lubes. These can cause a reaction and the disintegration of the material.

Where Can You Use Your Jeweled Plugs?

Jeweled anal plugs can be used almost anywhere. They are the right size to wear discreetly under skirts, pants or dresses while out. And although they might not be delivering earth-shattering stimulation, they can spark thoughts that make you feel sexy without anyone else knowing.

Aside from this, they can be used in partnered play, be it male or female. It doesn’t matter. Jewel butt plugs are ideal to wear before penetrative anal sex to help relax the sphincter muscles, although, this will need the larger sizes to do so.

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