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10 Best Jewel Butt Plugs Reviewed

10 Best Jewel Butt Plugs Reviewed

Editorial Team |

Bejeweled toys have always been around and they’re some of the cutest options on the marked. Jewel butt plugs are one beautiful example and if you’re into glossy things, you should buy at least one.

Shopping for a bejeweled butt plug is fairly simple if you know what you’re looking for. If you don’t, we are coming to the rescue! In this detailed guide, we’ll take a look at the 10 best jewel butt plugs on the market and the things that make them amazing.

Each review is based on hours of research, product comparisons and brand exploration. We also checked out what actual buyers had to say so that you wouldn’t have to go through all this information.

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Our Top 10 Jewel Plugs

10 Best Jeweled Butt Plugs

Superb 9.8

#1 Glams Gem Butt Plug

A streamlined, ergonomic design and a smooth silicone construction – what more could you ask for in a quality bejeweled butt plug? The Glams Gem plug is available in two pastel tones – pink and purple – and the bases of both varieties are encrusted with a large faux gem. You’ll also benefit from a properly tapered tip for easy insertion. A flared safety base is also present. The stem is on the thicker side, which means you’ll be able to feel the stretch at all times. Somewhat flexible and reasonably sized, the jewel butt plug is a perfect choice for beginners and for anal training enthusiasts. The Glams Gem butt plug is more than reasonably priced for the kind of product you’ll be getting. These are the reasons why it fully deserves the top placement in our ranking.


  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Ergonomic design is very comfortable
  • Great for beginners
  • Really sparkly faux gemstone


  • Could be a bit too narrow for more experienced users
  • Thicker stem

Superb 9.7

#2 Booty Bling Jeweled Butt Plug

A stylish black butt plug and a colorful faux gem come together to give you a beautiful and functional anal toy. This Booty Bling plug has all characteristics of a great product for beginners. For a start, its seamless body is crafted from high quality, silky smooth silicone. You also get the most ergonomic design possible – a tapered tip for very easy penetration, a narrow stem to optimize retention and a flared enough base to ensure completely safe long-term wear. The base is decorated with a sparkly, large gem that will please anyone in need of some bling. Fully waterproof, the plug is very easy to sanitize. It’s also a fun addition to any shower or bathtub experience. You can also choose between two sizes that will match your experience level perfectly.


  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Perfect design for easy insertion
  • Very sexy and beautiful in appearance
  • Easy to clean


  • Some complaints of gem coming undone
  • If this happens, base would collapse

Superb 9.5

#3 Fetish Fantasy Mini Luv Plug

The kinky appearance of this butt plug turns it into the perfect toy for playing out any anal fantasy. It will definitely please anyone looking for an alternative to traditional silicone plugs. The Fetish Fantasy toy is crafted from lightweight aluminum. The solidity of the metal adds a definite new dimension to the anal experience. On top of that, it can be heated or cooled for some temperature play. Regardless of the hardness, the plug is easy to insert with its tapered tip. A flared enough base houses a large, clear faux crystal. The item also brags a narrow enough stem to give you optimal retention, even if you decide to use the plug for hours. Aluminum and other metals are non-porous, hence easy to clean. Also, you’ll enjoy the fact that the toy can be used with any kind of lube under the sun.


  • Kinky appearance, smooth finish
  • The weight of metal adds to the experience
  • Small and great for beginners
  • Very easy to clean


  • Metal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea
  • On the smaller side
  • Flared base is somehow narrow

Superb 9.3

#4 Power Gem Vibrating Crystal Probe

Sometimes, a classic, motor-free toy isn’t enough to get the job done. In such instances, a vibrating plug is a much better pick. That’s precisely what you’ll get with the Power Gem vibrating probe. This anal toy is ergonomically molded from silky-smooth silicone. A powerful motor is positioned at the tip, allowing you to feel the vibrations throughout your butt play experience. Choose among 10 different vibration settings that will match your mood and arousal level. These are very easy to switch between by pressing on the faux gemstone base. The plug comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB charging cable. You will get running time of up to two hours after powering the toy once (recharging time is about two hours, as well). Power Gem’s crystal probe is completely waterproof for effortless cleaning.


  • Beautiful, ergonomic design for easy insertion
  • Powerful enough vibrations
  • Silky smooth silicone feels great


  • On the bigger side, could challenge beginners
  • On the expensive side

Superb 9.0

#5 Fantasy For Her - Her Little Gems Trainer Set

The delicate curves and contours of the Little Gems Trainer Set are ideal for those that want to practice and explore anal action. Coming in three different sizes ranging from small to large, this set is perfect for stretching, loosening, and relaxing your hole to prepare it for action. The comfortable, bendable plugs have a spade shape that helps you get to where you want to go. You will instantly feel the satisfying power of this toy as the bulbous head enters your bottom. The Fantasy For Her kit is perfect for solo play or wearing during sex for a new dimension of pleasure. The smooth silicone warms up to your body temperature to make it comfortable for extended sessions. A sparkling jewel base and striking colors add a dazzling visual stimulation to satisfy all your senses at once.


  • 2.8-inch, 3.2-inch, and 3.8-inch total length options
  • Comfortable, bendable plugs with a spade shape
  • Smooth silicone warms up to body temperature
  • Faux gem on the bottom adds a touch of luxury


  • No vibrating or pulsating options
  • The jewel base can be rough for some users

Fabulous 8.8

#6 Rear Assets Aluminum Plug With Gemstone

Beautiful rose gold combines perfectly with sparkly gems. This butt plug gives you both, making you feel like you possess a piece of jewelry. The body of the plug is crafted from rose gold chrome-plated aluminum. Smooth and super seamless, the material ensures a perfect experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or hundredth time. The tapered tip goes in smoothly and you’ll feel a gradual, very pleasant stretch. A narrow stem simplifies retention and makes the plug suitable for hours of wearing. You also get a wide enough safety base with a gemstone (three colors to choose among). Aluminum is lightweight and a great choice if you want to try out temperature play. The metal is also completely non-porous and waterproof. The fact that it’s compatible with all kinds of lube is a nice added bonus.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Beautiful to look at
  • Goes in super smoothly
  • Great size for beginners


  • Metal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea
  • On the smaller side, even when medium is chosen

Fabulous 8.7

#7 Blush Temptasia Bling Plug - Medium

The Blish Temptasia Bling is a classic butt plug with some nice finishing touches. It’s a versatile toy you should definitely add to your collection if you like experimenting with butt stuff. You’ll get a semi-flexible butt plug crafted from silky smooth silicone. The ergonomic design enhances the ease of use even further. A tapered tip makes the butt plug easy to insert. At the same time, the item is girthy enough to give you pleasurable stretching. Next comes the perfect, narrow stem that increases retention and the heart-shaped safety base. Just because everyone deserves a bit of luxury, the base is bejeweled with a large faux crystal. Due to its modest size, the butt plug is the perfect toy for beginners and for those who enjoy gentler experiences. The shape and the material also make the item very easy to clean and thoroughly sanitize.


  • Silky smooth silicone
  • Easy to insert
  • Feels really good
  • Very easy to clean


  • On the smaller side for experienced players
  • Gem prone to getting unstuck

Fabulous 8.6

#8 Anni Clover Princess Anal Plug

It’s nice to add a solid, well-made and decadent item to your anal toy collection. The Anni Clover Princess plug gives you all of these features. It’s beautiful to look at, hefty and perfectly crafted. The seamless body of the plug is made of silver plated platinum. Not only that, you’ll get genuine Swarovski crystals at the flared base of the toy. The four-leafed clover shape of the gems is a lovely finishing touch if you seek out something different from the traditional round shape. A perfectly tapered tip ensures easy insertion and works well with the sleekness of the metal. There’s also a very narrow stem, ensuring effortless retention for hours at a time. Because the body of the plug is crafted from a single metal piece, it is very easy to clean. In addition, metal sex toys are compatible with all kinds of lube.


  • Beautiful, luxurious construction
  • Comes with genuine Swarovski crystals
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • Metal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea
  • No flexibility
  • A bit more expensive than other plugs

Fabulous 8.5

#9 Luxe Bling Plugs Training Kit With Gemstone

Anyone who’s uncertain about the correct butt plug size will be happy with an entire kit. This particular set gives you three progressively growing sizes to choose among. As such, it’s perfect for those very first anal training steps. And of course – each of the plugs is decorated with a beautiful faux gem for some added bling. Choose among three color and gem tone combos to match your needs. Each set will give you ergonomically designed plugs that are crafted from super smooth silicone. The tips of the plugs are tapered for easy insertion, you’ll also benefit from a narrow stem and a heart-shaped flared base. All three items can be enjoyed for extended periods of time and worn for hours in an out-of-home environment without causing discomfort. Since you’ll be getting an entire kit, the price to quality ratio for this product is excellent.


  • You get three different sizes
  • Super smooth and easy to insert
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Easy to clean


  • Base isn’t as flared as some others
  • Risk of gem coming undone

Fabulous 8.2

#10 Rear Assets Aluminum Plug with Gem

How cool does this butt plug look? The iridescent effect of the metal, combined with the gemstone, gives you a cool accessory. This definitely looks much more like a piece of jewelry than a butt plug. But don’t be fooled by its cuteness – the stretch will still be there. The Rear Assets butt plug is crafted from sleek chrome-plated aluminum that is an excellent material as far as insertion is concerned. The tapered tip of the plug helps additionally with that aspect of usage. Decently sized, the plug gives you a nice stretch and its narrow stem improves retention. Because of these characteristics, the plug can be worn for hours without causing discomfort. Aluminum is non-porous, hypoallergenic and completely waterproof. It’s also compatible with all lube varieties, ensuring some added versatility.


  • Beautiful design
  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Super cute and easy to insert
  • Very easy to clean


  • Metal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea
  • No flexibility
  • On the smaller side

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Shopping for Jewel Butt Plugs

A jewel butt plug is a regular anal toy that comes with some gems encrusted in the base. Thus, you should pay attention to typical anal toy buying considerations, as well as a couple of additional essentials. Here are the key things to look at before buying:

Material: Let’s get the essentials out of the way first. The material your sex toy is made of will always be the number one concern. When it comes to sex toys, the quality is even more important. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a breeding ground for bacteria – something you definitely don’t want. Seek bejeweled butt plugs made of medical-grade silicone or glass. These are two of the safest, easiest to sanitize materials. They are non-porous and very long-lived. And while premium materials could cost a bit more than inferior ones, they’ll give you many more years of good use.

Design: Butt plugs need to have a specific design that ensures ease of use and safety. When looking at the shape of a jewel butt plug, pay attention to two things. It needs a tapered tip for easier insertion. Also, make sure that the toy has a flared enough base. Such a base will keep the butt plug from getting sucked up inside your body. This isn’t an over-exaggeration – many people have had to deal with such an issue and some of them ended up in the ER. Safety should be your number one consideration before you start thinking about pleasure.

Size: In the world of anal play, bigger isn’t always better. If you’re a beginner, choose a more reasonable size. That means both length and girth. A toy that’s too girthy will be difficult, maybe even painful to insert. So, start out small and grow your butt plugs as your tolerance increases. If you’d like to enjoy more versatility, purchasing an entire kit featuring different butt plug sizes would be the best choice for anal training.

Plug stem length: A narrow butt plug stem is an important part of the design. This part of the butt plug is usually smaller to increase comfortable retention and keep the toy in place. Thus, if you plan to use a jewel butt plug for a few hours at a time (even when you go outside), make sure that the stem is narrow and long enough. A thicker stem will make the plug more challenging to keep inside your body for longer periods.

Types of jewels: Now, let’s check out the aesthetics. Usually, jewels decorate the base of a butt plug. They’re visible when the toy is in, which adds to the excitement and makes these toys ideals for playing out fantasy scenarios or kinks. Most butt plugs on the market come with faux jewels but some may have the real deal. If this is the case, the toy will definitely cost more. It’s up to you to decide if you want pure aesthetics or an actual luxury item.

Secure jewel attachment: If you read through online reviews, you’ll come across a common complaint pertaining to bejeweled butt plugs. This is especially true for low quality, cheap items. If the jewels aren’t adhered properly, they may come off the base. While sticking them back on is an obvious possibility, you’d definitely want a toy that’s well-made and that doesn’t come undone in the blink of an eye.

Additional features: Most butt plugs are fairly simple and straightforward. The market, however, could feature some specialized jewel butt plug varieties. Vibrating plugs are very common and popular. As the name suggests, these vibrate or pulsate rhythmically to add to the pleasure. Such toys could even be used for effective prostate or G-spot stimulation. Inflatable butt plugs are another specialized variety but keep in mind these aren’t for the faint of heart. Also, since these belong to the fetish product category, finding a bejeweled inflatable butt plug is going to be difficult.

Ease of cleanup and maintenance: You should always read through the manufacturer cleaning and storage guides before buying a sex toy. Butt plugs have to be maintained in pristine condition to reduce the risk of infections and other health issues. Products made of waterproof materials are generally very easy to clean because they can be submerged in a soapy solution. Also, make sure you understand the storage recommendations. Storing sex toys correctly (usually in a pouch or a box) can increase their longevity.

Don’t base your decision solely on cuteness: While this one is an obvious recommendation, it’s important enough to warrant a separate paragraph. Jewel butt plugs often look really cute, almost like fashionable accessories. Cuteness, however, should never trump safety or the practical appeal of a toy. Always go through the key safety considerations before paying attention to the color, the jewels and the pretty shape of a plug. Cuteness is the cherry on top that you get to examine after all of the other boxes have been ticked.

Why Should You Buy a Jewel Butt Plug

You should be careful about the quality of stuff you put inside your butt (and in every other orifice).

When thinking about buying sex toys, most people get excited by the potential for pleasure. Especially if they haven’t shopped for such items before, they could underestimate the importance of safety.

And safety comes with well-made, high quality products. These don’t have to be expensive but they should definitely be crafted from the right materials and using the best industry practices.

The sex toy market is fairly unregulated. Manufacturers are left to their own device and often, they’ll abuse the lack of standards. Low quality materials will often be used in place of better options. These will be labeled “bodysafe” and no authority will get to sanction sex toy makers for such false promises.

Anal toys need to be well-made, seamless and smooth. They should be crafted from non-porous materials to ensure ease of cleaning. Also, these items cannot have ridges, protrusions or imperfections (especially if they’re crafted from a solid material like metal or glass). In such instances, getting injured during sex will become an actual possibility.

There’s one more risk you should be aware of.

A poorly made jewel butt plug could have too narrow of a base. In that instance, the rectum will suck it up inside effortlessly. The toy could “travel” quite a lot up before you get medical assistance. This means it will be difficult to get out without a surgical procedure.

At HotCherry, we always repeat the mantra that safety comes first. You cannot make a compromise with your wellbeing just to save a few bucks. If you do, you could end up with a nasty infection or an even more troublesome problem.

High quality jewel butt plugs don’t have to be expensive. They simply have to be well-made. Some of the products included in our list cost less than 20 dollars. At the same time, they are crafted from the right materials and they ensure safety time and time again.

Don’t hesitate to do your homework and understand what makes a butt plug or any other kind of anal toy safe. When you understand the basics and essentials (many of which have been outlined in this guide), you’ll find it much easier to choose the items that are well-made and that will give you safe enjoyment.

And here’s one final word of warning – a deal that appears too good to be true can end up being costlier than a more expensive toy. High quality toys are meant to last a long time. If you get many years of enjoyable use, you’ll be receiving an optimal return on investment. Having to replace broken toys every few months doesn’t really make a lot of financial sense.

Final Words

Bejeweled butt plugs are super cute and super fun. At the same time, they can be incredibly pleasurable and a perfect choice for those first anal training steps. Because they’re adorable and girly, such toys are usually smaller in size and much less threatening than other anal sex items.

It’s really up to you to decide if you want genuine jewels or just a bit of bling. Luckily, the sex toy market gives you both of these options.

We hope that you’ve found at least one jewel butt plug in our top 10 list to fall in love with. Be mindful of the materials and your preferences. A toy that looks cute and adorable isn’t necessarily the one that will give you the most pleasure. This is why you need to know your body and what you enjoy in sex really well before moving on to buying.

To make things a bit easier, do set a budget in advance. This way, you’ll limit the number of options you’ll have to go through. Anywhere between 20 and 60 dollars is a reasonable amount to spend on a jewel butt plug and it will give you a good outcome (if you’ve done your research).

If you’re curious to find out more, you can browse through the respective HotCherry product category. You’ll come across dozens of other high quality options that will satisfy your curiosity for exceptionally pleasurable anal exploration.

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