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10 Best Glass Butt Plugs Reviewed

10 Best Glass Butt Plugs Reviewed

Editorial Team |

Choosing the best glass butt plug is not always easy. This is the kind of toy that gives you a distinctive experience due to its heftiness and smoothness.

A general rule of thumb is that glass toys are well-made and exquisite. Still, the market does feature inferior products you should stay away from.

How do you choose the right glass butt plug? What are the main differences between products that you need to check out before buying?

These are the questions we’re about to answer today.

Our reviewers worked meticulously on selecting the top 10 glass butt plugs. We looked at all important product features and we even went through buyer reviews. We even counted on the personal experiences we’ve had with some of these products.

Based on ours of research and thorough analysis, we’ve come up with the this best butt plug guide.

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Our Top 10 Glass Butt Plugs

10 Best Glass Butt Plugs

Superb 9.8

#1 Prisms Erotic Glass Dosha 3pc Butt Plug Set

Getting an entire kit instead of just one product is always a nice perk. That’s precisely what the Prisms Erotic Glass Dosha set has to offer. You’ll get three glass butt plugs, each one with its distinctive length and girth. These variations make the set a great choice for both beginners and more experienced anal players. The tapered designs enable effortless insertion and flared bases maximize the safety of using the plugs. Fairly narrow stems ensure better retention without being way too thin. Since they are made of very resilient borosilicate glass, the plugs are an optimal choice for temperature play. Just put them in a bowl of hot or cold water before use and voila – you’re good to go. The set is very easy to clean and sanitize. You’ll also get a satin storage pouch with the kit for the best possible storage conditions.


  • Strong and resilient glass
  • Excellent design for highly erotic sensations
  • Smooth and nice to the touch
  • Very easy to clean


  • Some found the big one way too large
  • Stem is a bit too long

Superb 9.7

#2 Icicles No. 48 Butt Plug - Pink

When you look at Icicles No.48, you’ll be convinced it’s a beautiful accessory – that’s how pretty the glass plug is. Anyone who appreciates the finer things in life will enjoy this product. The length of three inches and width of 1.25 inches make it great for beginners. In addition, the butt plug has a fairly streamlined and ergonomic design for easy insertion. The flower-shaped flared base doubles as a safety feature that keeps the plug in place and allows for its quick removal. The plug is made of chip and fracture-resistant borosilicate glass. Due to the nature of the material, it can be heated and cooled down to enable safe experiments with temperature play. This material is also effortless to clean with a bit of warm water and a mild soap.


  • Beautiful, non-intimidating design
  • Very resilient glass
  • Comfortable and easy to put in
  • Very smooth and free from imperfections


  • Some users found it a bit small
  • Design resulted in uncomfortable longer use

Superb 9.5

#3 Icicles No. 25 Glass Butt Plug

The Icicles No. 25 is a classically shaped butt plug. Keep in mind that it is on the girthier side. Hence, you’ll need proper amounts of lube and sufficient arousal to get things going. Once you do, however, you’ll be impressed by the way the toy feels. Constructed from hand-blown borosilicate glass, the plug is free from imperfections and very durable. It’s the perfect choice for temperature play – heat and cold aren’t going to cause any damage. Everyone will benefit from the ergonomic design of the plug. The tip is tapered enough for effortless insertion. There’s also a lengthy stem to increase comfortable retention and a flared base for safety. These characteristics make the plug very easy to wear for prolonged periods of time without experiencing any discomfort.


  • Well-made, handcrafted glass
  • Very comfortable to leave in longer
  • Easy cleanup
  • Super smooth glass


  • Base is a bit too small
  • No storage bag available
  • A bit too short to reach the prostate

Superb 9.3

#4 Firefly Clear Glass Plug - Glow

The Firefly Clear Glass Plug gives you the perfect combination of an ergonomic sex toy and a beautiful accessory. The glow in the dark interior is its most prominent feature that differentiates the plug from all other items on the market. Constructed from shatterproof borosilicate glass, the plug feels solid and smooth. Its length of 3.9 inches and diameter of five inches turn it into a good choice for intermediate users and more experienced players. The toy has a tapered tip for easy insertion but its stem and base are a bit larger than what other similar toys offer. As a result, the plug ensures a little bit of delicious stretch whenever it is inside. Because it is crafted from very resilient glass, the plug is a great choice for some temperature play experimentation.


  • Glow in the dark feature works well
  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Feels great during temperature play
  • Ensures good stretch


  • Glow fades quite fast
  • A bit too challenging for beginners

Superb 9.0

#5 Glas Amethyst Rain Glass Anal Butt Plug

Glas is a well-known brand in the world of glass sex toys and this Amethyst Rain anal plug doesn’t disappoint. Made from borosilicate glass, the toy is fracture and shatter-resistant. It’s also crafted with exceptional attention to detail to ensure smoothness and a flawless shape. The plug is designed with a thicker stem and a wider base than some other anal plugs to prevent unwanted travel and keep the item in place (while ensuring a bit of a delicious stretch). With a total length of three inches and a girth of 4.5 inches, the plug is quite versatile. These dimensions will be non-threatening to beginners and satisfying to more experienced players. Because the plug is crafted from a really resilient material, it’s ideal for temperature play.


  • Great size for beginners
  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Perfect choice for anal training
  • Cute and well-made


  • Coloration not very pronounced
  • Some users found it smaller than expected
  • Neck not tapered enough for some users

Fabulous 8.8

#6 Icicles No. 79 Glass Diamond Butt Plug - Pink

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend (and a guy’s too!). If you’re looking for a sex toy/accessory that has a luxurious appearance, you’ve just found it. Icicles No. 79 is another member of the company’s beautiful glass butt plug collection. It brags a girly color and a carefully crafted diamond flared base. With its length of 4.5 inches and girth of 3.7 inches, the plug is certain to hit all the right spots. At the same time, the design is streamlined enough to keep it from getting threatening. A tapered tip also allows for effortless insertion and the narrow stem maximizes comfortable retention. This is a solid, hand-blown glass toy that’s free from imperfections. Its perfect smoothness and flawless design may come as a shock within the specific price range but they’re a fact.


  • Smooth, imperfection-free design
  • Slips in effortlessly
  • Feels really good (regardless of experience level)
  • Very comfortable


  • Gem portion of base not well defined
  • Color a bit paler than in pictures

Fabulous 8.7

#7 Booty Sparks Pink Gem Glass Anal Plug

Specifically marketed as an anal toy, the Addiction Justin 8 Inch Suction Cup dildo looks and feels great. It is crafted from high quality medical-grade silicone that ensures a smooth finish and the safest experience (as long as you maintain the dildo properly). It also brags a beautiful, rainbow-inspired appearance. The anal dildo comes with a suction cup base and it is also compatible with standard harnesses. Fully waterproof, the toy can be used in the shower or the bathtub to change things up a bit. The anatomically-correct design ensures perfect stimulation. Some users have tested this one out as a vaginal dildo and they report excellent results in terms of G-spot stimulation. While the appearance is pretty cute and non-threatening, the dildo is definitely on the bigger side. As such, it may not be an optimal choice for beginners in the realm of anal play.


  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Beautiful design
  • Versatile sizing options
  • Feels really good and smooth


  • There’s some risk of the gem coming undone from the base
  • Small one is a bit too small

Fabulous 8.6

#8 Crystal Glass Butt Plug - Medium

Colored glass is really fun and it makes sex toys look unique and highly attractive. Check out this purple beauty that’s an ideal choice for some anal training. The Crystal medium-sized butt plug is excellent for people who have some experience with anal play. It is made of the best quality, hand-crafted borosilicate glass. Smooth and solid at the same time, the material ensures sensations no other sex toys can deliver. It can also be heated or cooled for yet another sensual dimension. The design, apart from being very pleasurable, is incredibly practical. A tapered tip facilitates insertion. There’s also a properly sized stem and a flared base for added safety. Since the neck is on the longer side, it simplifies retention and makes the plug suitable for prolonged wear without discomfort.


  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Beautiful color
  • Very comfortable, regardless of size
  • High quality, feels solid and smooth


  • A bit too big for beginners
  • Some would have preferred a more oversized base
  • On the shorter side (prostate stimulation issues)

Fabulous 8.5

#9 Crystal Small Glass Butt Plug

Many beginners in the world of anal play worry about pain and discomfort. These issues, however, become non-existent through the selection of the right toy. The Crystal small glass butt plug is the perfect choice for absolute novices. Its length of 2.5 inches makes it completely non-threatening. At the same time, the item is girthy enough to deliver a little bit of stretch. If you’re looking for a very first anal training toy, you’ll be satisfied with this particular item. On top of being practical, it also looks super cute due to the beautifully colored glass. Hand-blown borosilicate ensures resilience and shatterproof features. In addition, the material can be heated or cooled down. These characteristics make it perfect for worry-free temperature play.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Looks beautiful, super smooth glass


  • Stem is a bit too short and thick
  • Some would have preferred a more oversized base

Fabulous 8.2

#10 Booty Sparks Red Heart Gem Glass Anal Plug

The Booty Sparks Pink Gem plug looks super cute and it’s also properly designed for exceptional anal fun. The toy is made of sturdy and resilient glass that is fracture and shatterproof. In addition, it can withstand heating and cooling to give you 100 percent safe temperature play. Add a beautiful design to the smoothness of glass and you’ll get a really versatile anal toy. The tapered tip facilitates easy and pleasurable insertion. In addition, the plug has a lengthy, narrow stem for better retention. You can choose among three great sizes that have been chosen to address just about everyone’s needs. The smallest one measures 2.8 inches in length while the biggest one is 3.9 inches (perfect for prostate stimulation). The girth also increases progressively to give you comfortable anal training options. Let’s not forget the final cute feature – the flared safety base is decorated with a faux gem for a bit of additional attractiveness.


  • Three sizes to choose among
  • Comfortable design
  • Really smooth glass
  • Feels well-made


  • Base is on the smaller side
  • Some risk of the gem coming off the base

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Shopping for a Glass Butt Plug

Glass butt plugs need to be made a certain way and they need to have a specific design to be safe and to satisfy. If you don’t know how to choose such toys, here are the biggest essentials to pay attention to:

What kind of glass: Ok, just saying a sex toy is made of glass is pretty generic. What kind of glass is it? If you’re seeking top quality, choose borosilicate glass toys. Borosilicate is a special type of glass that is very much chip and shatter-resistant. As such, it will be much more long-lived than other kinds of glass. Borosilicate glass can also be heated up or cooled down rapidly. This characteristic makes it ideal for temperature play – one of the cool experiences that glass sex toys enable.

Be careful about coloration: Many glass sex toys look super beautiful because they’re colored or they feature swirls of various tones inside the glass itself. If you want a colorful item, make sure that it’s made of colorful glass. Glazing or paint added on top of the glass can be highly toxic (and there’s no way of knowing what the paint actually contains). This is why you should definitely seek items that are made of colored glass. It’s very easy to determine whether you’ve come across one or the other. Paints and glazes will often come off with rubbing and scrubbing. This is especially true for inferior products and cheap glass butt plugs.

Buds and textures: Some glass butt plugs are smooth, others will feature buds and protrusions for added stimulation. Be extra-careful when looking for such plugs. The buds on the surface should be expertly made. They still need to be smooth and edge-free. Poor manufacturing practices can result in edges and ridges that will be unpleasant and that could even cause some scratching or minor injuries.

Designed for anal use: Now that we’ve checked out the quality of the glass itself, let’s move on to the design of the toy. A glass butt plug should be created especially for anal play. It should have a tapered tip for easy insertion and a flared safety base. The flared base will keep the toy from getting sucked up inside the rectum (yes, that could happen!). If you get a glass plug stuck in your body, you’ll find it very difficult to remove the item without visiting the emergency room.

Length and girth: The dimensions of a glass butt plug should be chosen on the basis of your experience. If you’re just getting started with butt stuff, you should definitely go smaller. Narrow and streamlined toys will be easier to insert. At the same time, the heft of the glass will compensate for the smaller dimensions and give you a highly pleasurable sensation. Those who aren’t exactly sure what size makes the most sense should consider getting an anal training glass kit. Such sets consist of three or more butt plugs in different sizes. As such, the kits are really versatile and perfect for both beginners and some more experienced users.

Appearance: We’ve already discussed the fact that glass butt plugs look beautiful. If the appearance of sex toys is something that turns you on, pay attention to aesthetics. Some glass butt plugs can have bejeweled bases or a more fetish-y look to give you the visual pleasure you crave. While appearance shouldn’t be your primary consideration when looking for adult sex toys, do examine aesthetics after you’re done with more practical criteria.

Prioritize hand-blown glass toys: Is there really a difference between hand-blown anal toys and machine manufactured items. Yes, there is. Hand-blown glass items are made by experienced craftsmen who pay attention to all the details. As such, the quality is higher than in the case of machine mass-manufactured items. When a human isn’t paying attention, there’s always a risk of some defects. Hand-blown toys tend to be much more exquisite. Do keep in mind that they also happen to be a bit more expensive.

Suitable for prolonged wear: Anyone going through anal training may want to wear a glass butt plug for prolonged periods of time. In order to keep a toy for hours inside your body and feel comfortable, you have to choose the right design. Slimmer items with a narrow stem are typically best for prolonged use. Check the manufacturer recommendations before buying – there should be some information on the amount of time you can wear the specific glass butt plug safely.

Why Should You Buy a Good Glass Butt Plug

The question doesn’t just apply to glass butt plugs. It’s a valid concern as far as all sex toys go. There’s a reason why – the market is poorly regulated. As a result, you can easily end up with an item that’s poorly made, defective or even dangerous.

Glass sex toys are not created equal.

In the past, the term Pyrex (borosilicate) applied to a very specific kind of glass. It’s an American icon that originated in 1915 and that has been a quality staple since then. Unfortunately, things have changed and not for the better.

The original borosilicate glass recipe came in existence in 1908. The patent expired in 1936 and a new recipe was developed later on. It was still called Pyrex but it was different from the original.

As of 1998, all Pyrex items sold in the US are made of tempered soda-lime glass, a material that’s different and more fragile than the original. Today, many items sold under the Pyrex label aren’t as durable or shatterproof as originally advertised.

This is why you need to buy well-made, high quality borosilicate sex toys (and not just anything labeled as Pyrex glass).

Even if you go for standard glass, there’s very little risk of it breaking or chipping inside you. Handling and storage, however, could contribute to some damage. Hence, you should do your research, understand how glass products differ and seek out the original borosilicate that can give you complete protection against fracturing (even if you engage in temperature play often).

Apart from paying attention to the material, you also have to be careful about the design of your glass butt plugs.

From the reviews featured above, you’ve probably gathered already that three design elements are quite important – the tapered tip, the neck and the flared base. A tip that isn’t streamlined enough will make the butt plug difficult to get in. A neck that’s thick will result in retention challenges. And finally – a base that’s too narrow will contribute to potential health dangers.

So, it’s not just about aesthetics, pleasure and cuteness. Safety should be your number one consideration when buying sex toys. Poorly-made items cannot give you the safe, discomfort-free experience that we all crave from adult toys.

Don’t shy away from doing research and extensive sex toy comparisons. This way, you’ll gather enough data to make the best choices. High quality glass butt plugs don’t have to be expensive. Rather, the manufacturer should stick to some industry practices. Adhering to guidelines and manufacturing essentials will result in a high quality and safe item, regardless of the price tag.

Anal play is a lot of fun but it involves some personal responsibility before anything else. You need to prepare adequately and you need to invest in good toys. If you manage to meet both of these conditions, you’ll definitely have hundreds of exceptional experiences.

Final Words

Glass butt plugs give you access to a whole new world of erotic enjoyment. Don’t dismiss them, even if you’re somewhat reluctant about the material. Yes, glass is firm and completely inflexible. But that’s precisely where its incredible appeal is hidden.

A glass butt plug is the perfect, non-threatening item to start experimenting with.

And if you choose the right one, you’ll definitely be pleased.

Start out small and cautious. The market gives you many amazing choices for beginners. The fact that glass is solid and inflexible means that even a small toy will give you the kind of sensation you’ve never had before.

Hopefully, our guide has highlighted all of the important characteristics to pay attention to when buying. Glass toys may look misleadingly simple. Still, there’s room for error and manufacturing issues. By doing your research and focusing on quality, you’ll reduce the risk of getting an item that isn’t fun to use (or that’s dangerous).

Our best glass but plug selection features all kinds of items – it doesn’t matter what your budget and experience level are. Just go through it to understand the differences and discover the items that are closely matched to your preferences.

Once you get a basic butt plug that you feel comfortable with and excited by, you can take your glass toy experiments to the next level. Luckily, we have a huge selection of glass probes, dildos and anal toys. Browsing through HotCherry’s product categories will help you explore that huge variety in the most meaningful and personalized way.

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