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Tentacle Dildos

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Creatures with tentacles have been a large part of the sexual fantasy genre, and now you can get your tentacle dildo and play as you wish. We offer a wide range of silicone tentacle dildos, glow-in-the-dark models, and more.

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Fulfill Your Alien Fantasy with a Tentacle Dildo

Colorful and freaky, tentacle dildos bring a new dimension to your pleasure. Each one is visually stunning, and the lovely texture on the surface adds to the pleasure you’ll experience with every thrust.

HotCherry’s tentacle dildo collection has it all – small dildos, extra-long ones, silicone toys, glass dildos, glow-in-the-dark tentacle dildos, marine-inspired, and even alien-inspired models.

A Tentacle Dildo Will Expand Up Your Sexual Thoughts

Tentacle dildos became very popular because they reinvented sexual penetration and created a whole new experience. If you’re interested in sex toys, you’ve definitely imagined how fun it would be to get one.

And while the name brings up some unexpected associations, tentacle dildos look and feel so different. Some of them have added texture for intense stimulation. Some are curved to hit the G-spot or P-spot in the most orgasmic way.

Tentacle dildos are a fantastic choice for individuals who don’t fancy anatomically correct toys. They’ve also become a staple in the queer community, mainly because tentacle dildos show a cisgender guy isn’t always needed for amazing penetrative sex.

When choosing your brand-new tentacle dildo, opt for a quality material and a manageable size. Medical-grade silicone is always a safe bet, especially if it’s a more flexible type. As far as dimensions are concerned, pay attention to the length and the girth. An extra-thick dildo can be challenging to manage, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with such penetrative toys.

You will also need to decide whether you’ll use the tentacle dildo on your own or with a partner (or both). If you intend to add a tentacle dildo to partnered play, you’ll need to pick a harness-compatible one. Most tentacle dildos with a suction cup or a flared base will fit comfortably inside standard O-ring harnesses. 

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