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How We Choose Which Products to Sell

We absolutely care about our customers, and we’d only ever want to give you the very best in terms of sex toy quality, safety, experience, satisfaction, and appeal. In fact, adult toys are meant to enhance your solo, partnered or adventurous or erotic experiences, and great, well-made products will always add to the fun and the fantasy, be inspirational, and make you feel better, too!

Be Cautious About the Sex Toy Industry

For a long time, the sex toy industry has sold products that aren’t always synonymous with health. In fact, some toys were made from product materials which might deteriorate inside the body, hold bacteria and cause nasty infections, as examples. The quality was also impeded, in many instances, due to unsatisfactory manufacture by cheaper, lesser known companies who sought to sell quantity over quantity.

At HotCherry adult store, we know how to be thoroughly selective of the products we stock, and we carefully review the manufacturers we use. We want to enhance and encourage your health, wellness, excitement, and pleasure throughout our product range. When we add new products to our inventory, we have a detailed checklist of materials and factorizations to determine whether we should include it to our catalogue. 

Dangerous additions won’t be included in our product range and will remain free from: phthalates, vinyl (exception for cock rings), jelly rubber, plasticizer, parabens, dangerous chemical/toxic/rubbery products, or anything which might negate the experience which enhances overall safety and pleasure.

Our store sells an exclusively hand-picked collection of trusted, well-manufactured products and brands to maintain our high standard of availability to our valued customers, including a brand promise. Here, we extend the additional peace of mind of excellent manufacture that’s always well made, and we give our expression of quality and safety in terms of materials used.

What you put in (or on) your body is important to us, and it’s our reputation to pride ourselves in giving an offering of high quality, exceptionally-satisfying products for our customers. Learn more about toy materials and safety here.