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Automatic Masturbators

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Sit Back and Have a Powerful Orgasm with an Automatic Masturbator

An automatic male masturbator is perfect for a lazy yet incredibly orgasmic solo session. The gadget does everything so you can sit back, relax and have the wildest ride. And often, a masturbator delivers the intensity you can’t enjoy alone or with a partner.

The term is self-explanatory – an automatic stroker can use suction, pressure, and thrusting to make you come like never before. Usually, the intensity can be adjusted to match the experience to your current mood.

Most automatic male masturbators are easy to affix to a surface. A wireless remote or another controller will keep you in charge of the entire experience. Adjustments are possible anytime – take it hard, slow, or any way you want.

Check out our full range of automatic masturbators to get your groove on and find the perfect self masturbation toy. From simpler to impossibly high-tech items, we have gadgets to match every budget, experience level, and sexual taste.

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