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Anal Play Activity

Anal Play

Guides & Expert Advice

  • How to Choose Anal Toys Blog POst

    How to Choose Anal Toys

    While it’s hard to pinpoint the first beginnings of sex toy usage, there is a reference to anal sex as far back as the ancient Greeks and in northern Peru.

  • How to Choose Butt Plugs Blog Post

    How to Choose Butt Plugs

    Butt plugs have become one of the more popular forms of sex toys that are used in anal play. Although they are very simple by design, they allow users to ...

  • How To Use Anal Trainers for Increased Pleasure Blog Post

    How to Use Anal Trainers

    As the stigma around 'backdoor sex' and anal trainers is slowly lifting, more and more people feel comfortable giving in to their pleasures. Anal sex has been ...

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