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How To Use Anal Trainers for Increased Pleasure

How To Use Anal Trainers for Increased Pleasure

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As the stigma around 'backdoor sex' and anal trainers is slowly lifting, more and more people feel comfortable giving in to their pleasures. Anal sex has been a controversial subject, despite being constantly practiced by many and desired by most people. However, it's a given that the anus is a relatively tight hole with the potential to expand when needed.

To fully explore the capabilities of this erogenous door and reach the point of immense satisfaction, even orgasms, it's essential to take things slow. And this is where anal trainers come to steal the show!

Below, we'll detail all things anal and how to use different toys to reach your desired elasticity and pleasure.

What is an anal training?

Before getting into the different sets of anal toys and trainers, you should understand how they work and why they're used.

Anal training refers to gradually expanding your anus and testing its flexibilities until you reach a level that feels both comfortable and pleasurable. Usually, the end goal of anal training is penetration, and for those who appreciate visuals, it also entails opening the anal gape. However, this requires repetitive usage of anal trainers and penetration over a more extended period.

So, who can engage in anal training? The answer is absolutely everyone. If you want to give anal stimulation a try, whether alone or with a partner, using anal trainers can significantly improve your experience and allow you control over your progress. Many same-sex couples use multiple anal trainers both for fun or training in the bedroom, and the same can be said for straight couples. Cis men are known for their fascination with female booties, and in the last decade, pegging has also seen increased popularity in the bedroom.

Suppose you're feeling kinky or are already a part of an SM relationship. In that case, anal training can be an excellent basis for a punishment or reward system in the bedroom, depending on your desires.

Some may have concerns about whether using anal trainers is safe; however, when the process is done correctly, there is no space for worry.

Different types of anal trainers

As we said, the sex toy industry constantly expands its offer and develops new tools for increased pleasure. While there is a vast choice of anal trainers on the market, it usually all comes down to anal beads and butt plugs.

We'll explore a few anal trainers and explain their effectiveness.

1. Anal beads

If you've never experienced anal play and want to slowly explore the tightness of your anus, anal beads are a great starting toy. They can be left inside for prolonged periods, but the pleasure comes from stimulating the sphincter muscles when inserted and taken out.

Anal beads feature multiple balls with increasingly growing diameters, the smallest one being at the top. Silicone and other nonporous materials are recommended for anal beads; however, the type you choose depends on their usage. For example, rigid beads are more easily inserted and go deeper but can cause discomfort during long-term wear. Rubber beads, on the other hand, feel better when worn for an extended time and can bundle up inside you, causing unique sensations.

Don't let their size fool you; using lube is imperative as the anus isn't self-lubricating and you might feel pain, even injure yourself if you forcefully move them in and out. As your sphincter muscles get used to the size, you can try larger beads or proceed with plugs. Inserting your anal beads from different angles will help speed up the process and relax your anus for further anal play.

2. Butt plugs

As the most versatile anal trainers, butt plugs have an excellent reputation in both sex communities and solo adventurers. Primarily designed to stay inside for extended periods, these toys vary significantly in size, shape, and material.

Regarding anal training, the butt plug's task is to prepare the anus for anal sex. Unlike the beads, plugs bring sensations of fullness and apply consistent internal pressure. A flared base and a tapered tip are the two qualities you want to look for in a butt plug. The former keeps the plug from going too deep and getting stuck inside you, while the latter allows easier insertion. It's best to start small and build your way up to get the most out of your butt plugs. Since the anus is incredibly tight, it's best to choose an even smaller size than what you perceive as 'small enough.' These anal trainers can be used daily and pose no injury threat if combined with the right lube.

Nonporous materials, such as silicone or metal, are preferred since they're body-safe and easier to clean. The latter allows room for additional experimentation, such as temperature play, which can add extra pleasure to the mix. Keep in mind that silicone toys shouldn't be used with silicone lubes.

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How to begin anal training

Introducing anal trainers in your erotic sessions

Anal training is a continuous process that requires time, especially if you have goals like anal penetration. However, using anal trainers can be a fun experience and bring you intense orgasms even before you reach the desired anal flexibility.

To ensure you have a great time repeatedly, follow our step-by-step guide. We provide a complete timeline of how your anal training should look and how to implement anal trainers for the best experience.

Hygiene Comes First

Although it contains thousands of nerve endings and is perceived as an erogenous zone, the anus is still part of the digestive system tasked with dumping waste from our bodies. This means it is filled with different bacteria and can be an excellent ground for infections.

To ensure you're safe during anal training, wash your anus using an anal douche or enema thoroughly before every session, preferably with warm water and antibacterial soap. It's also advisable to wash your fingertips and trim your nails if you use your fingers for stimulation. Keeping your toys clean is just as important as the hygiene of your body. Since anal trainers are inserted into one of the most sensitive parts of your body, you should ensure they're squeaky clean before and after every use. Although it depends on the material, most anal sex toys can be washed with water, soap, or a cleaning solution and left to air dry.

Lube Up

As we mentioned before, when using anal trainers, lube makes all the difference. The anus is a tight area used to push things out (not in!), so resistance should be expected when inserting anal beads and plugs or even fingers. Make sure you are generous with the lubricant and have it at arm's reach, as this will allow you to re-apply it when you deem it necessary. Some people put the lube on their anus or the toy they're inserting, but we recommend doing both. Moreover, make sure to insert some luge in the anus and not just the area surrounding it.

When picking the right lube, you should keep in mind the material of your anal trainers. Silicone toys are best paired with water-based lubricants. Oil-based lubes are also a good choice; however, you should avoid them if you intend to use condoms or latex toys.

Start with finger play

While you might be tempted to get your hands on anal trainers and immediately start using them, taking time to adjust to anal sensations might bring you more pleasure in the long run. Namely, beginners who've never engaged in anal play are advised to take things slowly and start using their fingers first.

After you apply the lubricant, you can start gently massaging the anus and the surrounding area. Once you feel aroused enough, you can try gently inserting a finger. It's best to gradually take it in and keep it inside without inducing any movements. As your comfort levels increase, you can insert two or more fingers or stimulate penetration. The whole process can be done in one session, or you may require multiple tries until you get comfortable with finger play.

At this step, you can also bring in a partner. The presence of a partner eliminates the need to constantly change angles and positions while trying to reach your anus and feel the desired sensation. With excellent communication and trust, you can enjoy total anal stimulation and pleasure without lifting a finger.

Don't skip the anal beads

Anal trainers can signify the middle or the end of your anal training. Once you go over anal stimulation with your fingers, you can move on to sex toys. Some people go straight to butt plugs; however, we recommend taking things slower and option for anal beads first. For starters, you can choose rigid beads with a smaller diameter for easy and less uncomfortable insertion. After applying the lube, take your time and slowly take in each bead and try to relax your sphincter. Resistance should be expected; however, if you start feeling pain, that's a sign that you need to stop and take a breather.

You can repeatedly take the anal beads in and out until you feel comfortable with them. You can also try wearing them for a while, say up to half an hour, and get your rectum accustomed to the sensation. It's not uncommon for people to reach orgasms at this stage of the process. You can experiment with longer strands of beads to prolong the anal stimulation or add extra internal pressure by choosing beads with a wider diameter.

Practical tips for a better experience

To optimize your anal play and make the whole process more comfortable, here are a few pro tips you should keep in mind.

Consider buying anal trainer kits

Instead of manually picking out your anal trainers, you can buy whole anal training sets with multiple butt plugs in graduating sizes. Most anal trainer kits include anal beads and a set of plugs in different sizes. However, given the variety of manufacturers, you can find sets with anal dildos, vibrators, or anal trainers made from multiple materials. The anal trainer kits may seem more expensive initially, but depending on the range of toys you're getting, they are often the more economical and practical option.

Avoid numbing products

Many people like to combine anal trainers with numbing creams or lubricants that contain numbing agents. However, in anal play, pain indicates that something is off and a sign to stop the process. Using such products may cause significant injuries and result in long-term pain and discomfort once the numbing effect wears off.

Practice kegel exercises

Using kegel exercisers help to strengthen your pelvic floor and increase the flexibility of your sphincter muscle. This, in turn, will allow you to command the anal trainers once inserted in your body and feel more comfortable keeping them in (if you want to experiment with wearing butt plugs for hours on end).

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Final thoughts

If you feel ready to engage in anal play, choosing anal trainers and sticking to our step-by-step guide above is the most practical option to ensure the process goes smoothly. It's important to remember that anal sex shouldn't hurt, and with enough practice, it can be a source of the most intensive orgasms of your life.

Patience is key, as experimenting with multiple anal beads, butt plugs, and even dildos can be a long process. However, it's important to trust it and have fun along the way. Anal trainers don't have to be used for a specific end goal; they're just as fun to implement in the bedroom as stand-alone sex toys.

Individual preferences may differ at the end of the day, but if you start with smaller anal trainers and use the right amount of lube, pleasure is guaranteed.

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