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How Does a Butt Plug Feel?

How Does a Butt Plug Feel?

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Let’s be frank: anal sex can be pretty pleasurable if done correctly. When we say correctly, we mean doing proper preparation, plenty of lube (and we can’t stress the importance of using a fair amount of lube), good hygiene, relaxation, and going slowly. Let’s expand on this a bit more and cover the basics of how a butt plug feels.

Butt Plug Play Basics

When it comes to how does a butt plug feel, it is generally described as a feeling of fullness and more profound sensation due to a more thorough stimulation. Some people have said that using a butt plug will initially feel strange. However, after a few minutes, once the body accommodates the intrusion of the butt plug, the sensation turns pleasurable, and the overall experience gets enhanced.

If you are a complete novice at anal play, then it is best to prepare mentally, relax, and have enough foreplay before trying any type of booty fun. The sphincter area is full of nerve endings that get stimulated with anal play, which in turn heightens sensation and contributes to stronger orgasms.

When men use butt plugs or any other anal toy like a prostate massager, they feel the pleasure from the stimulation on their prostate or P-Spot. It leads to harder erections, prolonged orgasms, and deeper sensations.

It is relatively similar for the ladies, as the jeweled butt plug expands the anus and stimulates the A-spot that is located on the back wall of the vagina. It leads to enhanced vaginal intercourse; the body gets into a state of constant stimulation and more profound pleasure.

Tips for Comfortable Anal Play

Here are some tips that we found helpful when preparing and starting anal play. We must be clear that these are general tips that we’ve found helpful, and you should heed them as guidelines when using a butt plug:

  • Relax and breathe deeply – the first step is to relax and breathe deeply and have some foreplay. Once relaxed and in the mood, your rectal muscles relax, which makes insertion easier;
  • Use a clean butt plug – always make sure you wash the butt plug thoroughly before and after you play. Taking care of your health is essential, and you should never take any risks by playing with unclean toys;
  • Use plenty of lube – the anus is not a self-lubricating area, so using a good amount of lube is essential for comfortable and safe play. Avoid using numbing lubes, as they can mask any possible hurt. Always lube up the butt plug and the anus, and use a lube that works with the material of your butt plug;
  • Start with a beginner-friendly butt plug – we suggest you start with a beginner-friendly butt plug if you are a novice at anal play. Some excellent anal training kits have differently-sized butt plugs you can use to get introduced to the wonders of anal play;
  • Go slow and listen to your body – always go slow and listen to your body’s response. To insert the butt plug, press the tip of the butt plug against the anus and slowly increase the pressure; it should not be painful, but you will feel pressure. Once the butt plug is fully inside, leave it there as you continue sexual play.

We hope our guide to how a butt plug feels and our tips on using a butt plug are helpful for you. Plus, we have a lot more helpful guides for using various sex toys, and we also have an excellent sex toy store that offers a broad range of exciting sex toys for everyone.

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