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How To Use A Prostate Massager For Stronger Sensation During Sex

How To Use A Prostate Massager For Stronger Sensation During Sex

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Male sex toys have become a prominent staple, and more and more guys are taking the plunge and exploring anal pleasure. The male anatomy is responsible, as men have prostate or P-spot that is located in the anus, and when properly stimulated, it brings immense pleasure and coveted prostate orgasms.

Male anal sex toys, especially prostate massagers, have a variety of uses and advantages, both sexually and medically. Apart from the overwhelming prostate orgasms, which are quite different and superior to penile orgasms, these can help identify some urogenital and reproductive health problems.

Whether you own a prostate or are interested in ways to make your partner happy, we guarantee our guide to prostate massagers will cast light on many unanswered questions.

What Is A Prostate Massager?

Prostate massagers are sex toys specifically designed for prostate owners. They are available in various lengths, sizes, and materials and are designed to fit in the anus and press on the P-spot.

You can experience a prostate orgasm by massaging or stimulating the prostate gland. Sex experts claim that targeted prostate stimulation can cause a man to orgasm without touching his penis. Because the prostate is not as easily accessible, you'll need a prostate massager to arouse this erogenous zone.

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Essential Tips Before Using a Prostate Massager

Let’s talk about the most important things you need to know about prostate massagers, but also, let’s brush up on male anatomy so you’ll get a better understanding of how prostate massagers affect a man’s arousal:

Finding The Prostate

The prostate gland or P-spot is located on the front rectal wall, about two inches up the anal canal. The P-spot has a soft, fleshy feel, and when first touched, it may cause the need to urinate.

Externally, you can arouse the P-spot by massaging the perineum, the skin between the anus and testicles, but this provides a mild stimulation that only arouses the man, but it is not enough to cause a P-spot orgasm. That is why we recommend you try using a prostate massager that is specifically designed for precise prostate stimulation, like the Sensuelle Homme Medical Grade Prostate Massager.

Flared Base For Safety

Any anal play toy should have a flared base to prevent it from sliding too far. Because the prostate is not that far up the anus, we recommend using prostate toys with smaller heads for easier insertion, tapered bodies, and flared bases for safe and comfortable play

Get Comfortable

Depending on the type of prostate massager you're using and your preference, find a position that is the most pleasant for you and provides you with the best access to your anus. Think about lying on your back, spreading your legs, and reaching your anus. To make it simpler to see what you're doing, you might even lie in front of a mirror. Your experience with prostate massage may be impacted by the position you choose. Don't fear trial and error because you must find the most comfortable position.

Learn The Settings

Prostate massagers often have one or two vibrating motors, with buttons or remote controllers. More advanced models have app connectivity, allowing you to customize the settings. Get familiar with all the options your prostate massager has so you can get the best experience using it.

Get To Know Yourself

Anal play, prostate massage, and pegging are excellent activities you can try alone or with a partner and learn how your body reacts to different stimulations. The doors to the ideal prostate orgasm can only be unlocked with time, patience, and exploration.

Knowing your body makes it easier for you to guide your partner through the actions, and guarantees a fulfilling experience. So, we recommend you try solo anal play and massaging your P-spot, so you’ll know what works for you.

How To Use a Prostate Massager

Step 1: Prepare and Relax

Some people find it more comfortable to clean their anus before engaging in anal play with an anal douche. Cleaning up is helpful if you are playing with another person. Before using a prostate massager, take some time to relax completely. The process might be as straightforward as taking a relaxing bath, putting on some of your favorite tunes, and letting your mind wander. This assists in getting both your mind and body ready for action.

Step 2: Stimulate the Anus

Before using the prostate massager, you must get aroused, so that the muscles in your anus can relax and get used to the sensation. Use your finger or a vibrator or ask your partner to use their fingers or give you a rim job to stimulate your anal opening. You might feel pain if you try to insert the massager if you are not turned on.

Step 3: Be Generous with The Lube

The anus does not produce lubrication, it is necessary to use a quality lube for friction-free, enjoyable play. Without lube, the soft tissue in your anus is more likely to tear. Before selecting a lubricant, ensure it is compatible with your selected prostate massager. Water-based lubes are compatible with most materials used in sex toys. Always use generous amounts; having too much is preferable to not enough.

Step 4: Insert It Slowly

Place the toy so the prostate massager's curved surface faces your stomach. Slowly slide the prostate massager's tip into the anus. Take your time, and don't push it in more than an inch at first. Observe how you feel for a moment. If you like the sensation of the tip being in your anus, you can gradually push the shaft farther into your anus by pressing the end of the toy or the stopper.

As you slowly go deeper into yourself, pay attention to your body. If the prostate massager has been fully inserted, you can gently move it back and forth, angling it toward your stomach and backing off. Using this method, you can quickly pinpoint the prostate and stimulate it. A little more probing and exploration will show you what feels good and what doesn't.

Pro-tip: Despite the temptation, touching your penis while using a prostate massager is not recommended if you just want a real prostate orgasm.

Step 5: Give It Some Time

If you don't experience an orgasm during your first few experiments, don't worry. It won't take long for many aspects of prostate pleasure to become apparent, although orgasm may not happen immediately. Getting any amount of pleasure from prostate stimulation takes time and persistence. It's far away from the speed you can achieve a penile orgasm. Don't put undue pressure on yourself to make it happen; enjoy the trip. Manipulating one's prostate is a marathon, not a sprint.

Step 6: Wash It Well

Before and after each, clean the prostate massager it with warm water and light soap or a toy cleaner, especially if you're sharing it with another person. Ensure all your toys are sanitized and put away securely so they are ready for your next session.

Step 7: Try Different Toys

Try perineum stimulation and prostate massage together for deep P-spot stimulation and achieving deep body orgasms. You can also add in a c-ring to help you maintain a longer, stronger erection. Use your prostate massager with whatever gets you hot during frequent masturbation to get the most out of your sessions. The most intense orgasms require both physical and mental stimulation.

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Does it hurt?

We recognize that not all men are interested in engaging in anal play, and we can empathize with your reluctance. There should not be any discomfort involved in sexual activity, including the process of working towards a prostate orgasm. If you use enough lube and be patient, your body will get used to it, there would be no pain, and you’ll crave P-spot stimulation.

It can get a bit messy, and some people experience an increased burning feeling, but a prostate massage should not hurt. Some claim it is more localized, while others liken it to waves passing through the body. The level of pressure you apply, the toy you use, and your attitude all have a role in the whole experience.

Some males will instantly enjoy receiving a prostate massage; some will have mixed feelings, while others will even have an aversion to it. It's possible that massaging the prostate for a few seconds won't cause an orgasm, and it's also possible that beginners won't have a prostate orgasm every time.

However, massaging the prostate is known to be a reliable way to get to climax after enough practice. Nevertheless, most guys agree that the resulting orgasm is significantly more powerful and distinctive than the one they could obtain from penile stimulation.

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Benefits Of Prostate Massage

The choice to partake in prostate massage is entirely up to you, but testimonials from men that tried it say there are a few benefits connected to this activity:

1. More Powerful Erections

Massage of the prostate produces a more intense state of arousal, leading to more robust erections. It has been found that strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can lead to greater erections and ejaculations. As a result, it might aid in treating erectile dysfunction. The idea behind the potential benefit is that vigorously massaging or milking the prostate will enhance blood flow. Because healthy blood flow is primarily responsible for erections, any improvement in this area can result in harder boners.

2. More Explosive Orgasms

The prostate's posterior surface has sensory nerve endings. Stimulating this area through the rectum is an additional source of stimulation. It has been known that orgasms of a much higher magnitude can be produced by combining stimulation of the penis and prostate.

3. More Sperm Is Produced

Orgasm causes the smooth muscles of the prostate to contract, significantly contributing to the pumping movement seen during ejaculation. Erotic prostate massage causes the gland to be physically expressed (milked), producing more prostate fluid.

4. It Could Relieve The Signs Of An Enlarged Prostate.

Men over 50 commonly experience prostate issues, and an enlarged prostate is one of the most frequent. The most typical symptoms are uncomfortable urination, urine retention, and frequent urination, similar to prostatitis. According to limited study results, regular prostate massage, when taken with medication, can help reduce symptoms. It's important to note that some professionals are skeptical about the potential health benefits of prostate massage.

Pro-tip: Always consult your doctor before trying prostate massage therapy.

Prostate Massage Orgasms Vs. Penile Orgasms

Using your finger or a sex object to massage, or "milk," the prostate gland through the rectal wall can cause a P-spot orgasm. While not everyone can achieve a prostate orgasm, many people do, and the difference is noticeable and can be felt in:

The Length Of The Orgasm

A penile orgasm is a speedy release, and the waves of pleasure following it are usually expected. On the other hand, experiencing orgasm through the prostate is more of a "eyes rolled back" situation. The resultant orgasm is typically more drawn out and slower than the one that results from penile stimulation alone.

The Refractory Period

Compared to penile orgasms, prostate orgasms do not involve a refractory period. As a result, they are an excellent option for penis owners interested in experiencing multiple orgasms. Your penis will remain firm and sensitive to sexual stimulation after a prostate orgasm. You can have another orgasm immediately if you continue masturbating by stroking your penis. You can enjoy the intense pleasure of your orgasm and then prolong it by continuing the stimulation, which will cause additional orgasms. Ejaculatory orgasms become significantly stronger when preceded by prostate orgasms.

The Delivered Sensation

The climax of the prostate play is sometimes described as having "whole body orgasm" instead of being restricted to genital-specific sensations. These kinds of orgasms don't usually include ejaculating, but they are famous for their extreme intensity, which can frequently be felt throughout the entire body. Prostate massage, as a method of inducing orgasms, takes advantage of a secondary arousal pathway.

Final Thoughts

Although the anal play may not be to everyone's taste, if you're prepared to give it a shot, the reward might be a powerful full-body orgasm. Utilizing a prostate massager correctly might be of assistance in getting you there.

If this article piqued your interest, get yourself a prostate massager, get some lube, and start having fun. When engaging in any new form of sexual activity, it is crucial to keep in mind that pleasure, not orgasm, is the primary goal. If you've never done it before, learning to give yourself a prostate orgasm through prostate milking takes a certain amount of practice, experimenting, and open-mindedness. Celebrate your successes, the new sensations you try, and enjoy the orgasms you have.

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