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How to Choose a Male Masturbator?

How to Choose a Male Masturbator

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There is a common misconception that men don’t have as many sex toy options as women, but we are here to debunk this myth and talk about the most popular male toys – the male masturbators. These differ slightly from pocket pussies, masturbation sleeves, and blowjob machines, which we’ll cover in other posts. Our experts discuss all the essential features of these male sex toys, and we also cover how to choose a male masturbator. Read as we help you learn how to decide which model is suited for you and how to get the most pleasure when using a male masturbator.

What is a Male Masturbator?

The male masturbator is designed to accommodate and stimulate the penis during solo or partnered play. Male masturbators enhance pleasure during masturbation with the help of friction, grip, textured surfaces, vibrations, and other features. The pussy strokers and most masturbators are designed to be penetrated or fitted around the penis for the most significant effect and sensations.  

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How to Choose a Male Masturbator?

Here we’ll discuss the main things you need to consider when choosing a male masturbator. Before we delve into the specifics, we need to mention that you should consider your experience level and choose accordingly. Here are the key things to consider when selecting a male masturbator:

  • Material – the material the masturbator is made from is vital for satisfactory use and pleasurable user experience. The most common materials that male masturbators are made from are silicone and TPE. Silicone masturbators are a better choice because silicone is non-porous, scent-free, durable, and very easy to clean. On the other hand, TPE is porous and more challenging to clean.
  • Design – the design of the male masturbator is essential for pleasurable use, and you can select between simple models like easy-grip pussy strokers, porn star masturbators, and anal masturbators, to advanced models with vibrations, suction, and even automatic thrusting imitating actual intercourse.
  • Ease of Use – the way the male masturbator is used is another feature you need to consider when selecting a male masturbator. Some masturbators only require a dab of water-based lube, and you’ll be ready to go, while others need charging and require you to learn the controls to get the whole experience.

Male Masturbator Types

Let us outline the types of male masturbators here, as the primary definition may be a little confusing. For that reason, we’ll outline the common types of male masturbators you can buy today:

  • Automatic Masturbators – these are high-tech male sex toys that provide different sensations like suction, pressure, and thrusting motions to stimulate the penis and cause sensational orgasms like nothing else.
  • Pocket Pussies – these are male masturbation toys that are elemental and feature a textured inner channel where the penis slides in. Pocket pussies are a step up from manual masturbation and are easy and comfy to use, and are very affordable and reliable.
  • Masturbation Sleeves – these are inspired by pocket pussies, but are designed to provide more sensations and heightened enjoyment.
  • Vibrating Pocket Pussies – these male masturbation toys feature a realistic opening, textured channel and have vibrating mechanisms that add to the sensations.
  • Porn Star Masturbators – these models are very similar to regular pocket pussies. Still, they elevate the masturbation experience as they are molded after the pussies of famous porn stars, so using one can be an excellent way to relive your fantasy of having sex with an actual porn star.
  • Anal Masturbators – the anal masturbators feature an anal-like opening and have tighter channels that bring a tighter feeling and more realistic experience. These can be regular or porn-star anal masturbators.
  • Blowjob Masturbators – these are designed to imitate the sensations you feel during oral sex, and we have models that suck and even hum for a gratifying experience.

Benefits of Using Male Masturbators

Men can easily take their shaft in hand and rub one out, but what about enhanced sensations and more enjoyment? Well, the male masturbators are excellent in providing enhanced sensations, but these also have other benefits:

  • Sexual pleasure – this is kind of obvious, as the male masturbator is primarily used for sexual pleasure and for achieving an orgasm. But using one can be even more pleasurable, and you can lie back and focus on the sensations and your pleasure.
  • Help with sexual dysfunction – some guys may have trouble with getting or maintaining an erection, and using a male masturbator can be of significant help. There are no expectations with a male masturbator, so the man can relax and enjoy masturbating at their own pace.
  • Last longer – some guys may have problems with premature ejaculation, and using a male masturbator can help with this. The user can try edging or pressure to delay the orgasm and help with stamina, as there is no partner to please, so it is easier to relax and get in the groove.
  • Help alleviate pain – orgasms are a known pain reliever, as the body releases hormones during orgasms, which raise the body’s pain threshold, effectively making the body feel no pain. Male masturbators are a great way to have a highly satisfying orgasm.
  • Improve heart health – regular masturbation can help improve heart health, as the orgasm triggers a complex hormonal mechanism and balances testosterone, which has a positive effect on heart, bone, and skin health.
  • Reduce the risk of prostate cancer – men that masturbate regularly have a lower risk of prostate cancer, so grab a male masturbator and rub one out (for the sake of health, of course).
  • Better sleep – orgasms help improve sleep quality, and using a male masturbator is an excellent way to reach orgasm quickly, which releases oxytocin, endorphins, and other hormones that promote better sleep.

Tips for Comfortable Male Masturbator Use

Before we let you go, we need to mention several key things to keep in mind when using a male masturbator:

  • Lube is your best friend – always use a lube that is compatible with your masturbator, and use plenty of it as you need to reduce friction and make things glide comfortably.
  • Tight grip – always get a tight grip on the male masturbator as you need to have good control over it and over the movements, as this will help you get better control on the speed, pressure, and movements.
  • Experiment and move as you feel like it – once you get used to using your male masturbator, you can explore different positions and stimulation methods and change things up or even invite your partner to watch or help.

Cleaning a Male Masturbator

While we’ve devoted an entire blog post on cleaning various sex toys, including pocket pussies, we must note that you need to pay good attention to the cleanliness of your sex toys, including your masturbators. Most of the male masturbators are effortless to clean, as no matter how advanced, these come with removable sleeves that are waterproof.

Thus, once you are done and finish enjoying the post-orgasm tingling, you can take your male masturbator, remove the inner sleeve and wash it with soap and water or your preferred sex toy cleaner. Don’t boil a male masturbator sleeve, as the hot water can ruin the shape, but always use unscented soap or sex toy cleaner, and rinse all nooks and crannies. Leave the sleeve to dry, and then reassemble the male masturbator. If it is rechargeable, put it on to charge, and it will be ready for you.

We hope that our guide on choosing male masturbators is helpful, but we have also written many other guides on choosing and using various sex toys, which you can check out in our blog. We invite you to browse our sex toy store, where we carry a broad range of male masturbators and other male toys, but everything else you may need to have fantastic sexy experiences.

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