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How to Travel With Sex Toys?

How to Travel With Sex Toys

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Traveling is fun, especially when you plan a romantic getaway with your significant other. That may involve an exotic location, warm weather, refreshing cocktails, and, of course, sex toys to complete the fun. Or maybe you are traveling for business, and what better way to relax than to kick back with your favorite sex toy? No matter what the trip’s destination may be, you need to invest some time in planning everything and know beforehand what you can and can’t take with you when you travel. We consulted our experts, and here we share essential advice on how to travel with sex toys and what adult toys you can take with you in a checked bag or your carry-on.

Traveling With Sex Toys: What to Do?

It is advisable to pack light when you travel, especially when you plan a quick trip. But traveling light means you should only take a smaller toy with you, preferably a compact model that will provide you all the pleasure without attracting too much attention. It means you need to leave your full-size strap-on kit behind and travel with a trusty little bullet vibe, a finger vibe, or a small, inexpensive pussy stroker. We recommend you get a lipstick-shaped bullet vibe or a disposable masturbation sleeve. If you like to engage in some bondage while on your holiday, we suggest you leave the heavy-duty metal bondage implements at home and take some bondage tape that isn’t a cause for concern.

If your sex toys have removable batteries, you need to remove them and store them in a different bag away from your toy. If you have a rechargeable toy, then engage the travel lock (if there is one) to ensure your bag does not accidentally start to vibrate. Or you can empty the battery on your rechargeable vibrator and bring your charger along so you don’t embarrass yourself.

When you pack your sex toys, place them in a particular toy storage bag, a drawstring cloth bag, or a clear ziplock bag. If the TSA agents check your bag and need to take everything out, they won’t be required to touch your precious toys, but they can still check them and keep everything hygienic.

FAA regulations don’t allow you to place appliances with lithium batteries in your checked luggage, so you need to store these in your carry-on. If you have a plug-and-play toy, you can carry this in a checked bag. Most times, the TSA agents will pass your luggage through the X-ray and will recognize the contents, and they won’t bat an eye on a bag of sex toys in your carry-on.

Please note that airport employees have seen it all, and they won’t bat an eye when they see sex toys in your travel bag. However, please note that you can only carry a travel-sized bottle of lube of up to 3.4 oz or 100 ml in your carry-on, per the rules. If you want, you can carry a large bottle of lube in your checked luggage, provided it is packed appropriately.

Traveling With Sex Toys: What NOT to Do?

Now, let’s talk about the things not to do when you travel with sex toys. First thing, don’t pack your entire arsenal of sex toys, as TSA agents will definitely frown upon this, and you may be pulled aside for a thorough check.

Don’t travel with a wearable vibrator on your person, like a wearable vibrator or a butt plug. While you may be tempted to enjoy some pleasant vibes while you wait, make sure you pass the security check first and then slip in your panty vibe in place.

Avoid carrying large metal dildos or bulky BDSM gear with you, as they may get flagged by some TSA agents, and you may even be forced to leave them behind. Avoid carrying easily breakable sex toys like glass dildos or glass butt plugs, as they may get damaged during transport. If you do bring such a toy, make sure you place them in a secure bag and wrap them in clothes to cushion them.

Don’t be nervous or anxious when you pass security checks at the airport because you have sex toys in your bag, as the employees may wrongly interpret this behavior and invite you to a random bag check. If you do get harassed by a security agent about your sexual wellness products, you should calmly explain to them that you are not carrying a contraband item, and you can also report them.

Where Not to Travel with Sex Toys?

Now that you know how to travel with sex toys, we need to cover the places where sex toys are not allowed. Yes, several countries don’t allow sex toys, so you can’t bring your favorite vibe when you plan on vacationing here, like:

  • Alabama, USA
  • Maldives
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand

That’s it from us about traveling with sex toys. We hope you will now be more confident when planning to travel with a sex toy in your bag. We advise you to stick to smaller toys and travel-size lube, and never be ashamed of your preferences – if someone asks you about such an item, be clear and frank and own up your pleasure. Please check out our blog, where we have a lot of in-depth articles on choosing and using various sex toys. We invite you to browse our sex toy store, where we offer an excellent selection of sex toys, both full-size models and travel-friendly sizes.


Can I take a dildo on an airplane?

Yes, you can take a dildo or any other kind of sex toy on an airplane. It is best to keep it in a separate drawstring or ziplock bag and store it in your carry-on bag. Per FAA rules, you should not carry battery-powered appliances in your checked luggage. Also, checked baggage may be lost and you risk losing your stuff.

What is the best sex toy to travel with?

We advise you to favor smaller size sex toys, like a trave-size wand, bullet vibrators, finger vibrators, small butt plugs, cock rings, and inexpensive pocket pussies. Space is at a premium when you travel, and you don’t want a bulky sex toy taking too much space in your carry-on bag. Also, placing a high-tech vibrator in the checked baggage is a risk.

Can I bring lube and sex toy cleaner with me on an airplane?

We advise you to only take travel-sized lube bottles with you that are up to 3.4 oz. The same goes for sex toy cleaners, but you can take a full-sized bottle in your checked luggage. To save space but not compromise on cleanliness, you can take a travel-sized packet of antibacterial wipes with you.

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