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How to Choose Silicone Dildos?

How to Choose Silicone Dildos?

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Let’s talk silicone dildos – these coveted sex toys come in a unique softness that is not found with other dildo materials. Silicone is one of the most body-safe materials you can find today, and it is a favorite for many users, especially when compared with other materials. Silicone is also the best choice for people who have some sort of allergies and for users looking to get a dildo they can use in various scenarios. Here, we’ll discuss all the particulars on how to choose a silicone dildo and other important things we think you should know.

What Is a Silicone Dildo?

Silicone dildos are either made entirely from silicone or have a surface silicone coating. These dildos are suitable for vaginal and anal penetration because the silicone is non-porous and effortless to clean and keep sterile.

The silicone coating fends off bacterial growth and is very durable compared to synthetic materials. Silicone can also be molded into almost any shape, which makes it ideal for forming realistic silicone dildos as well as models with plain, smooth surfaces, such as G-spot vibrators and prostate massagers.

There is no limit to what these dildos can do, and they are suitable for both sexes, for solo play or using them with a partner to achieve the very best stimulation possible.

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Types of Silicone Dildos

Like other dildos on the market, silicone comes with its standards. Because here we discuss silicone as a sex toy material, we’ll outline the different silicone dildo models and sizes you can buy. Silicone dildos come in various sizes, from small to large models and everything in between. Apart from size, silicone dildos come with exciting features like vibrations for G-spot stimulation and P-spot stimulation. As you can note, there is a great variety of silicone toys, and here’s a rundown of the most common varieties of silicone dildos you can find:

  • Small silicone dildos: great for smaller women who find more massive dildos uncomfortable or want a small dildo that is discreet to slip into their bag.
  • Large silicone dildos: at the opposite end of the size scale, these are suitable for users who want the fuller feeling of being stretched to the limits.
  • Curved silicone dildos: come with all manner of curves and twists to stimulate the G-spot, the prostate, and many other sensitive areas.
  • Vibrating silicone dildos: they can come with battery-operated vibrating featres or be rechargeable models and come with remote controls for additional fun.
  • Double-ended silicone dildos: a fantastic way for partners to have fun. Double dildos can be used for simultaneous vaginal penetration, simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration, or simultaneous anal penetration between two partners. Some often have enough flexibility to perform DP (double penetration) on one user.

Key Things to Know When Selecting a Silicone Dildo

Now, we’ll talk about the most important things you should know when you go and choose a silicone dildo. Please note that silicone is primarily chosen because it is a body-safe material, so we must remind you to always select silicone models from reputable manufacturers with clear body-safe labels on their products.

You must be aware that silicone is advertised as a non-porous material; while this is not precisely true, silicone has low surface energy, meaning it repels most liquids, especially water. This characteristic makes it very resistant to bacteria to bond on its surface. Still, you need to be diligent when washing and cleaning your silicone dildo.

When selecting a silicone dildo, check the type of silicone the toy is made from, if possible. We suggest you choose medical-grade, platinum-cured, or liquid silicone. These varieties have excellent features and bring the best overall user experience.

You can get a smaller silicone dildo or a large silicone dildo; we suggest you get a smaller model made from firmer silicone as it is easier to use, but get a larger model made from softer silicone, as this can be more comfortable to use.

If you wish to place your silicone dildo in a strap-on harness, you can get either model, which will depend on your level of experience. Many silicone dildos come with a suction cup base that is excellent for hands-free use.

We have to also mention the shape and texture of your silicone dildo, as these will decide how you can use your silicone dildo. We suggest you get a smooth model for anal use, and you can get a textured model for vaginal use.

Silicone Dildo Benefits

Here, we’ll talk about the essential benefits you get when you use a body-safe silicone dildo. First off, silicone is a very durable material, and it delivers a soft, velvety, and comfortable touch to the body, unlike metal and glass, which are also very durable but are not smooth at all.

An essential benefit of silicone dildos is the ability to deeply clean and sterilize them. By using a silicone sex toy like a dildo, you get the option for effortless cleaning of the surface, lowering the risk of STDs/STIs.

Silicone has a unique feature: it does not absorb vibrations, but it transfers them to the places you need them most. It is why there are bullet vibrators, vibrating cock rings, and even butt plugs made from silicone.

Last but not least, silicone is an affordable material; thus, you can get an inexpensive, durable, and versatile dildo that will last you for years if you maintain it properly. However, you must note that silicone is only compatible with water-based lubes, as other lubes can damage the silicone surface.

How to Cleaning & Storage a Silicone Dildo

Silicone is effortless to clean when compared with other sex toy materials, excluding metal and glass dildos. However, it would be best if you never disregarded properly cleaning and washing your silicone dildo, as proper care will ensure you can use it for a long time.

You can wash your silicone dildo underwater using a mild soap and warm water or use a sex toy cleaner to sterilize the surface. You can place the dildo in boiling water for a few minutes to sterilize it if your silicone dildo does not have an internal mechanism (vibrating, heating, or another battery-powered feature).

Please note that you mustn’t place your silicone dildo in a microwave, as it will surely damage your toy. Also, avoid using alcohol-based disinfectants on your silicone toy, as these can damage the surface. After cleaning it, you need to store it in a safe place. We recommend you get a dedicated sex toy storage bag where you will keep your silicone dildo, ensuring it will not touch other silicone surfaces.

We hope we covered all the basics when it comes to selecting a silicone dildo. Of course, check out our other guides below, where we talk about similar topics, and browse our sex toy store, where we carry an impressive selection of exciting sex toys!


I want to get a silicone dildo for my wife. Will she enjoy it?

This is challenging to answer, as every person is different. If your wife is interested in using sex toys, then we believe she’ll like a silicone dildo. We suggest you talk to her before you get a dildo model to decide on the size, texture, and extra features that she (and you) will enjoy.

What lube to use with my silicone dildo?

We only suggest you use quality water-based lubes, as these are the only ones fully compatible with silicone. Please stay away from silicone lubes, as these contain dimethicone that is potentially damaging to silicone.

Why does my new silicone dildo smell when I open the packaging?

If you get a silicone dildo from a reputable manufacturer (which we suggest you do), it should not smell at all. However, the packaging may cause the dildo to smell, in which case, we recommend you wash and dry the dildo before use.

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