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How to Choose a Glass Dildo?

How to Choose a Glass Dildo

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Glass is one of the most beautiful and body-safe materials that has long been used for making sex toys, particularly dildos. Glass dildos are elegant, exquisite, and very popular; you can use these for vaginal and anal penetration, use it for temperature play, but you can also use it as a statement or décor piece. Here, we will discuss the particulars of how to choose a glass dildo, and we’ll touch up on how you can use these beautiful sex toys.

What Is a Glass Dildo?

As the name suggests, glass dildos are made from glass, usually borosilicate glass, the same high-quality glass that cooking kitchenware is made from. The material is body-safe, is able to withstand high temperatures, is shatterproof, and is durable.

Glass dildos are firm and unyielding and lack the flexibility of other materials. However, some users crave this hardness, as glass dildos provide a delicious stretch. These come in various designs and sizes that accommodate users’ needs.

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Glass Dildo Varieties

Glass dildos indeed look unique and feel special when you use them. Because glass is a relatively easy material to work with, glass dildo manufacturers take full advantage of this, and they produce glass sex toys in a variety of shapes and sizes. That also means you get a broad range of glass sex toys that mainly differ in shape and size:

  • Straight glass dildos – these are straight glass shafts that, despite their seemingly simple design, provide excellent stimulation and are suitable for vaginal and anal use. We believe these are compatible mainly for people looking for simple pleasure without much fuss.
  • Curved glass dildos – these glass dildos have ergonomic curves that correspond to the natural curves of the body, providing more targeted stimulation designed for hitting the G-spot and P-spot. You can use these for vaginal or anal use, provided you pay good attention to hygiene.
  • Textured glass dildos – these glass dildos come with highly textured surfaces that feature dots or waves designed to stimulate and excite your nether regions. You can use these in a twisting motion during insertion as a way to maximize stimulation and pleasure.
  • Glass anal toys – these are not dildos per se, but glass anal toys are a real thing and are very popular amongst anal sex lovers. We recommend these to anyone looking to expand their anal sex games and include sex toys that bring entirely new sensations.

Essential Things to Know When Selecting a Glass Dildo

You may think that it is simple to choose a glass dildo, and you would be right. Still, we feel it is imperative to know several important things, and we’ll outline these here. First thing, glass dildos are not recommended for novice users – people who have never used a dildo should not start with a glass dildo model. But if you want to get a glass dildo and you have limited experience, you should get a small glass dildo that you can safely manage.

Experienced users can get all sorts of glass dildos. Still, please be mindful of the texture of these models. Glass is unyielding, so you will feel all the little bumps and ridges on the glass dildo, so consider this when selecting a glass dildo model.

Next, glass is compatible with all lube types, so you can use water-based and silicone-based with a glass dildo. Plus, glass is effortless to clean and maintain, as you can wash it, boil it, and even wash it in the dishwasher. The only thing to note is that you should be careful not to drop your glass dildo to prevent it from cracking or chipping.

Glass Dildo Benefits

Glass dildos have so many benefits; in some view, glass dildos are better than other dildo materials. Here we list the unique benefits you get from using a glass dildo:

  • Temperature play – glass is a temperature-sensitive material, and you can either cool it down in ice water or place it in the fridge and get the icy chills through your or your partner’s sensitive regions. You can heat it in warm water and get incredible warming sensations from your glass dildo;
  • Increased pressure – glass is firm and unyielding, so you will feel more pressure when you insert it in your vagina or anus. This feature allows you to twist the dildo inside you and still feel deeply satisfying sensations;
  • Body-safe, hypoallergenic material – glass is body-safe, hypoallergenic, and free from latex or other synthetic materials; thus, anyone can use a glass dildo with confidence;
  • Effortless cleaning – Glass is so easy to clean, and you can wash it with soap and water or sex toy cleaners, boil it in water, or wash it in the dishwasher. Also, you can store your glass dildo as décor in your bedroom, as most of the glass dildos you can find today also resemble works of art;
  • Compatible with all lubes – glass is compatible with all lubes, and you can freely use silicone, water, or oil-based lubes when you play with your glass dildo;
  • Long-lived toy – glass is very durable, and with proper care and maintenance, your glass dildo can last you a lifetime. Please be careful not to drop or physically damage your glass dildo, and you can play with it for ages.

Tips for Buying a Glass Dildo

Before we let you go on to browse our incredible selection of glass dildos and other sex toys, we have to share with you our collection of tips to help you when you buy a glass dildo:

  • Look for a model made from borosilicate glass
  • Look for a suitable length and diameter
  • Look for unique features and textures
  • Look for a model with a broad base for anal use

We tried to cover all the basics when it comes to choosing a glass dildo, and we also shared some vital tips to help you choose a good model. For more info, please check out our other guides below, where we talk about similar topics, and take a stroll through our sex toy store, where we carry an impressive selection of exciting sex toys!


What to do if I spot a crack or chip in my glass dildo?

It is very rare for this to happen, but if it does, you should stop using your glass dildo. There is not much you can do if this happens, and you should leave it as a décor and look for a replacement model.

Can I warm my glass dildo in the microwave?

You should never warm your glass dildo in the microwave. Glass retains heat very well, and it’s difficult to tell how hot your glass dildo will get. Plus, the microwave oven can cause a too-sudden change in temperature, which can cause your glass dildo to crack.

Can I use glass dildos for double penetration?

It is possible if it’s a DP (deep penetration) dildo model and you are using it with a partner. You’ll need to buy a double-ended glass dildo or other double sided dildos. Always gain consent from a partner before trying such an act, and establish clear communication with your partner. A little adventure might be super fun!

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