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If you are new to the world of dildos, then these small dildos might be ideal for you. Small dildos come in lengths of no more than seven inches in length and are a fantastic introduction when you are looking for new sex toys.

There are lots of women who are put off with dildos, and this is mostly because they choose one that is too big and it ruins their first experience. Often, small dildos are also called mini dildos and can be used to introduce users to both vaginal and anal stimulation.

Suga Daddy Strap On Dildo

These smaller dildos are also often used because they are very discreet and can be used almost anywhere without catching attention, and they’re perfect for travel too. Small dildos are ideal for women who want solo play, and for men who are also into self stimulation and for couples who wish to experience a dildo without their experience being overshadowed by a dildo that’s too big. In fact, they’re great for teasing during foreplay or masturbation.

A small dildo is in no way intimidating, and is more often used to add to stimulation for partners, and can be used in conjunction with regular intercourse as well. This opens up other avenues of spicy fun in the bedroom or other areas where you can think of using a smaller dildo.

With many styles available, these small dildos are suitable for almost all occasions and come in a variety of styles to meet a varied amount of personal needs. We’ll take a look at some now.

Blush X5 Basic 5 Vibrating Dildo

Different Types & Styles

Small dildos are often the same as larger varieties but in a smaller size. However, some kinds of dildo just don't translate into a smaller model. With a variety of colors, textures and shapes, there are plenty to choose from when you are looking for a small dildo.

Here are the basic types and characteristics:

Basic small dildo – These are your regular, phallic-shaped dildos. They come with no additional features and are suitable for vaginal penetration.

Slim line small dildo for anal – These are thinner than bigger models and can be used for anal training. They come with a flared base to make sure they don't go too far in, but with a shorter length. They can be the ideal length for prostate massage.

Small suction cup dildo – These are like their bigger brothers but come with a smaller girth and length. These have the well-placed suction cup so they can be used in any area where you want some discreet fun. Because they are smaller in size, these small dildos can bring teasing pleasure.

Double headed small dildo – These deliver great vaginal and anal stimulation at the same time. Just like double dildos, these can be used for solo, double penetration simulation, or they can be used by a partner to really blow your mind.

Double ended small dildos – These are double enders, but thinner and shorter. Partners need to get up close and personal when using these so the whole experience can be more intimate. They’re great for sexual bonding.

Colours Pleasures 5 Inch Small Realistic Dildo

How to Choose Small Realistic Dildo for You

When it comes to choosing a small dildo, there are still very similar factors which need consideration, as with larger models. The only difference being their overall sizes.

A lot of this will come down to how new you are to using a dildo. And in truth, this can be daunting when you’re a first-timer because there are so many variations out there. Not all types are suitable for everyone, and some individuals prefer harder versions, while some prefer the softer touch against their body. With this, here are a few pointers on how to choose the best small dildo for you.

Size matters – Although these small dildos are a maximum of 5 inches in length, size is still a critical decision.

Sizes you can find are:

  • Small dildos - 2 to 5 inches in length
  • Extra small dildos - 3 to 4 inches in length
  • Very small dildos - 2 to 3 inches in length


Now, because you might have no experience with a dildo at all, size does need careful consideration. It’s better to buy a few sizes to compare so you can see what you like best, and this is true for both anal and/or vaginal penetration.

Materials, shapes and textures – Most small dildos come in realistic looking shapes and textures, but the materials that go into their construction can be very different. Here are some of the more common materials used, and they include: rubber, silicone, glass, metal, cyber skin, or plastic. Each of these will deliver a very different experience.

The rubber feels smooth and silky to the touch and is ideal for vaginal stimulation. Silicone delivers a realistic feel that is very similar to a real penis. However, it still retains some stiffness and is a great small dildo for vaginal or anal stimulation. Plastic dildos are ideal for anal stimulation and are very reliable for men to use. Metal and glass can be temperature changed and feel less like a penis due to their hardness. Cyber skin is smooth and realistic in feel.

Doc Johnson Remote Control Vibrating Dildo

What Are the Benefits

Small dildos have a few benefits that can be seen. Some are similar to more massive dildos, but they make these benefits more obtainable.

An excellent introduction to using dildos is one of the reasons these small dildos are so popular. Users who have never used a dildo can feel a bit overwhelmed to the uniqueness of the experience and the touch of a dildo. If they are too large, it might take more effort for them to stimulate themselves in the way they expect. Small dildos are more comfortable to insert, so the amount of lubrication and effort needed is much less than with larger dildos.

Neo Dual Density Silicone Dildo

A small dildo if nothing else is discreet, and this allows any user to use them in almost any place they desire without anyone knowing. If the user has roommates, then there is little chance they will notice a smaller dildo being used or stored, compared to something that is more substantial in size, like big dildos, for example.

G-spot stimulation is another area that can significantly benefit, for females. Because this sits a couple of inches inside the vagina, a small dildo can make it easier to locate and stimulate this erogenous zone without inserting the dildo too far and missing it. The same can be said for prostate massage. Here, men will be able to use a small dildo easier to locate and stimulate their prostate. And because of the tinier size, there will be less tension on the sphincter as the dildo is inserted. That’s a big plus when anal play is the goal.

King Cock 6 Inch Realistic Dildo

Some Safety Considerations

Small dildos come with many safety considerations as all other sex toys do. And with them being smaller, they do bring a couple of other areas where users need to be careful.

One area which is most often wondered about is if a small dildo can be lost inside an orifice. This is possible, mainly if it’s being used for anal play and it isn't designed with this use in mind. So make sure you purchase the right type for the stimulation location you have in mind.

A flared base or a pair of testicles are there for a reason, so any dildo that doesn't have these or some other form of handle or grip shouldn't be used for anal exploration. Because these small dildos are much smaller compared to black dildos or double dildos, it might appear more natural for users to think about sharing these sex toys. But here, the safety concerns are the same, and cross contamination is very possible. Sexually transmitted diseases can be spread very easily, so safe sexual practices must be first and foremost, always.

A word about silicone dildos: When using lube and/or condoms, silicone-based oils or condoms with this featured oil shouldn't be used at all. The silicone oil in these reacts with the surface of a small silicone dildo, and it will make the surface deteriorate. If you are using a small dildo because they are discreet, then you need to protect it when it’s in a bag or case. They should be stored in a hard case so nothing will push against the surface and cause deformation or tearing.

King Cock 6 Inch Realistic Feeling Dildo

Where Can You Use Your Small Dildos?

A small dildo can be used in almost any situation. They are fantastic for solo play in both vaginal and anal stimulation. The benefit of suction cup dildos is that you use them anywhere around the home, or any other area where you feel like some fun, and there is a smooth surface.

If using with partners, a small dildo can be a fantastic introduction to double penetration without feeling any of the pain you might encounter from the first couple of times. Because they are often thinner, they won't be too invasive in the anus as your partner deals with the vagina, for example.

Lifelikes Suction Cup Base Dildo

If you have a small dildo that fits to strap on harnesses, the female partner can pleasure her partner, be it male or female. Both can benefit from the experience of using a small dildo. If the partners are both females, then a double headed small dildo can be used to deliver DP (deep penetration) to their partner, and this does offer many other ways that would not be otherwise possible.

Imagination is the limiting factor of where to use a small dildo. Imagination and how courageous you are to try it in places you might never have dreamed… we’ll leave those decisions up to you!

King Cock 6 Inch Realistic Uncut Dildo.jpg

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Taking care of small dildos can be easier than for larger dildos, but some of the care processes will be the same. Remember: silicone is durable and can help prevent bacterial growth, so it is advised to choose a small dildo that is made from silicone, if you like the feel. In fact, this material will allow you to clean and sterilize your small dildo much easier and very efficiently. A small dildo should be cleaned before and after every use. That is a given, and just because they are smaller, that step should never be forgotten.

Washing under hot water with a bar of antibacterial soap is the easiest way to clean your small dildo because you can check the surface for micro tears or cuts. Because these small dildos are not subject to so much force during penetration, there is less chance for breakage, but it can still happen.

To sterilize silicone dildos, you can place them at the top of the dishwasher, or you can place them in simmering water for a few minutes. Once you do this and remove your small dildo, you will find the silicone can be sticky even after it’s dried well. Even if it isn't, a light sprinkling of cornstarch will return it back to its silky-smooth condition.

When it comes to storage, these can be stored easier than larger dildos, but they do still need tending to. It’s better to have a hard-sided case where you can store your dildo, and inside this, it should be inside a protective bag too. Some of these will come with a protective lining, or you can purchase these separately from the seller. These are advised because of the antibacterial properties they deliver.

Small dildos can still be affected by heat and humidity. A cool dark place is ideal, and if you have a small sex toy storage box, this might be in a bedside drawer, in your closet or even under your bed. Just be sure it can be locked, and placed out of sight from anyone who might want to see what’s inside. Your privacy is up to you.

King Cock Suction Cup Dildo

Common Questions People Ask

Will a small dildo deliver a less satisfying experience?

Not at all, this is down to the person, and if you are a new user to dildos, you will most likely find you have a much more beautiful experience than if you chose a larger one too soon. Work your way up until you find the perfect size for you.

My partner has a small vagina. Will a small dildo fit on a harness?

As long as the dildo is designed to fit into a strap-on harness, then there’s no reason why you can't please your partner using a small dildo. The attachment will most likely be of a standard size, and it’s the size of the insertable length and girth which will be smaller. It also means you will need to push closer to your partner for fuller penetration, but this can deliver a more intimate experience too.

What is the difference between a small dildo for a vagina, and one for anal stimulation?

The main difference will be the addition of a flared base, or a pair of testicles to master the realism and safety aspect of the toy. These factors will prevent a small dildo from being inserted too far and becoming lost. This is unlikely, but if you use a lot of lube, then a smooth dildo could possibly vanish. Always buy the right type for the corresponding orifice. Safety first, always.