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Remote Control Vibrators

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The remote-controlled vibrators are so easy and fun to use, especially when you share the joy with your partner. Select one of the many remote-controlled vibrators in our collection, give the remote to your partner, and enjoy the sensations.

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Put Your Lover in Charge with a Remote Control Vibrator

A remote-control vibe, especially if it uses wireless technology, is super fun and naughty to use anywhere. You can have many sexy adventures by letting a partner be in charge. The fact that you don’t know when they’ll turn the vibe on and which set, they’ll use will add to the arousal and the deliciousness of the experience.

Remote control vibrators come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties. At HotCherry, you’ll find clitoral vibes, rabbits, G-spot vibes, and various other models with a remote. This controller is worth checking out if you’re not into push buttons at the toy’s base. It is an especially great option for all those vibes meant to be used as hands-free toys.

A Remote Control Vibrator Gives You an Intuitive Experience

With remote control, you’ll usually have just a couple of buttons that are positioned in an intuitive, user-friendly way. You wouldn’t have to worry about what you’re pressing and whether you will hit the right button when things get heated. That’s important as nothing can spoil the moment more than turning a vibe off right when you’re ready to come.

Most vibes today feature wireless remotes, but wired models may still be available. If this is the one you’re looking at, ensure that the wired design doesn’t limit the vibe's use. A wire can get in the way of some positions and decrease the versatility of the vibe. This is especially true for vibes that have a shorter wire. When possible, go for a wireless design.

Next, check out the usage range. This is especially important for people who plan to use the remote-control vibe with a partner. Ensure they can control it from across the room or at a larger distance. Base the decision on your sexual preferences and the types of erotic games you enjoy with a special someone.

Other than looking at the remote itself, don’t forget to check out the features of the vibe. It should give you the pleasure settings that you’re seeking. Check out the vibration speeds and patterns. Make sure you’re enjoying enough variety. Some people also like having a memory function and a travel lock. Don’t forget the material the vibe is made of and its power source. A Li-ion battery that’s rechargeable is usually the most convenient choice.

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