Lelo Tiani 3 Remote Control Sex Toy For Couples


Color: Pink
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Product Overview

  • U-shaped vibrator for couples, stimulates both partners during intercourse with intense and pleasing vibrations from a multi-speed and function menu
  • Smart Sensemotion® technology lets you activate controls through movement as well as via the control panel on the wireless remote
  • Flexible and adjustable conforming arms flex and enhance the natural interior/exterior of the wearer’s body, delivering intense vibrations to them, and to their partner
  • Premium quality accessory from a high end and renowned manufacturer, Lelo is the gold standard in adult accessories
  • Remote requires 2 x AA batteries, main unit is USB/wall charger compatible, and both are included

Product Description

Adding extra thrills for both of you as a couple; the Lelo remote sex toy for couples is a premier accessory which oozes sensuality, style and function. Vibrating internally and externally at the same time, there’s maximum pleasure and stimulation for both partners at every major erogenous site during the-already-intense and heightened state of arousal during intercourse. Fully waterproof, and a remote which changes up or down with a flick of the wrist, there’s no fumbling with buttons or controls. It lets you incorporate the whole accessory as an extra, erotic appendage, moving with you and your partner.

Turn regular, maybe even monotonous lovemaking into something new and exciting again, or simply to enjoy on its own. The intensely profound pleasure forms the perfect amount of pressure, combined with the accurate and intense vibration and pulsation settings direct to the G-spot and clitoris, which is enough for many users to redefine how they perceive and experience climax. Introducing the remote sex toy for couples to intercourse, gives the ultimate in self-satisfaction, while sharing the same degree of intensity with a partner.

The U-shaped, dual arm, internal/external massager is made from only the highest grade medical silicone, with purity and safety exceeding industry standards. It also makes for the best feeling, with the easiest to clean and most visually impressive of materials, with the remote having the same material on the back, this is one classy looking vibe that delivers on performance, quality and reliability. Comes complete with full instructions, charger accessories and a one year warranty.

Product Details


Total Length: 3.75 inches
Insertable Length: Up to 3.07 inches
Diameter: 1.73 inches
Girth: 5.43 inches
Product Weight: 8 oz.


Flexibility: Firmly flexible
Material: Silicone, ABS
Available Colors: Cerise, Deep rose, Black
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Wireless remote
Shape: Ergonomic
Power Type: USB recharge, cable/wall charger included
Powerful: Yes

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